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An Anthology of Poems by Kids with Diabetes - page 8 / 10





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Finger Pricks

When I prick my finger, it hurts. I cry sometimes.

Since I have to prick my fingers So much, I don’t have any blood Left in them.

When I first got diabetes, My mom had to help me. She went to my room And got my Build-a-Bear. She showed me how to prick My finger by pricking it on its paw.

I get mad sometimes Because I don’t like finger pricks. But I get over it, and I have a good time. Now, I’m good with it.

Bayleigh, 10



My World with Diabetes

From the day I found out Up until now, I wonder How I’ll carry this on: The needles, the pricks. I wanna end this quick.

It’s hard to be like Everyone else When you have to watch Every little step: Your carbs, your sugar, And the way you’ll respond. But I know if I control it, I’ll continue to move on.

The nights feel long. The days are short and sweet. I’ll feel fine if I just continue to eat.

Some days feel normal. Some feel stressed. But living with diabetes Could be both the worst and the best.

Calia, 17

Scary Shots

I really hated shots And thought they were scary Until I had to give them to myself. I never thought I could. It always felt like the needle Was as big as my finger! When I saw that they were only About as big around as a thread I was happy.

Shots aren’t as scary anymore Now that I have to take them everyday.

Larissa, 15


I promise to: Keep my body healthy, And keep my carbs counted, And watch my blood sugar.

And the last thing I promise Is to help find a cure.

Find a cure!



My Brother Having Diabetes & Me Helping

If I could help my brother I would feed him And sleep with him When he gets scared. Even when the power goes off I would go in the room with him So he wouldn’t be scared.

I would take care of my brother’s diabetes By doing what he says. I would help keep his blood sugar healthy. I would help him not get stressed out.

Morgan, 7, sibling


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