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3. bDate (char) : The birth date of the movie star (formatted as yy/mm/dd). 4. gender (char) : The gender of the movie star which could be "F" for female and "M" for male.

shootingSchedule Attributes: 1. sceneNum (numeric) : The particular key of the shooting schedule. 2. location (char) : The location for shooting a scene.

studio Attributes: 1. studioId (char) : The unique id to identify a studio. 2. sName(char) : The name of the studio.


critique : A M:N relationship between critic and film project. Attributes : rating (numeric) : The rating given by a critic to a film project. Ratings can be in the range from 1-10 where 1-3 is a low rating, 4-6 is a medium rating and 7-10 is a high rating.

isMarriedTo : A 1:1 recursive relationship for movie star. One movie star could be the husband or wife of another movie star.

actsIn : A M:N relationship between film project and movie star. Attributes : income (numeric) : The income a movie star gets while working on a particular film project.

hasSchedule : An 1:N relationship between a film project and shooting schedules.

producedBy : A 1:N relationship between a studio and film projects. Attributes : date (char) : The date that a film project is produced by a studio (formatted as yy/mm/dd).


actsIn (starId, filmId, income) critic (cId, cName) critique (filmId, cId, rating) filmProject (filmId, title) movieStar (starId, starName, bDate, gender, spouseId) Note: A "NULL" spouseId indicates an unmarried. moviestar. producedBy (filmId, studioId, date) shootingSchedule (filmId, sceneNum, location) studio (studioId, sName)


1. List the names of male movie stars together with the titles of films they are acting in and the names of the studios that produced each film. (starName, title, sName).

2. Print the names of married movie stars that have acted in film projects that have received a low rating from a critic named "Siskel", where the film project has at least two scenes filmed in "Hawaii". (starId, starName).

3. Print the names of studios that have film projects with scenes in "Phoenix" that do not have any high ratings from critics. (studioId, sName).

4. Show the names and birth dates of female movie stars that have acted in all film projects produced by "MGM" studios. (starId, starName, bDate).

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