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Name of the Chambers/Associations Home Insect Control Association Hotel & Restaurant Association (Western India) Hotel Association of India Hotel Owners Association, Vijayawada Hyderabad Karnataka Chamber of Commerce & Industry IATA Agents Association of India India Semiconductor Association India-ASEAN-Sri Lanka Chamber of Commerce & Industry India-Tech Foundation Indian Agro & Recycled Paper Mills Asson Indian Auto LPG Coalition Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Indian Chamber of Commerce Indian Chamber of Commerce Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry Indian Chemical Merchants & Manufacturers Association Indian Coal Merchants' Association Indian Council of Impex for Films & TV Programmers Indian Cycle & Rickshaw Tyre Manufacturers' Association Indian Direct Selling Asson Indian Drug Mfrs Association Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers' Association Indian Ferro Alloy Producers' Association Indian Jute Mills Association Indian Motion Picture producers' Asson Indian Paper Manufacturers Association Indian Pharma Machinery Manufacturer's Association Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance Indian Soap & Toiletries Makers' Association Indian Sugar Mills Association Indian Tea Association Indian Tea Planters' Association Indian Tobacco Association Indian Transformer Mfrs Association Indian Vanaspati Producers' Association Indian Wind Energy Association Indo-African Chamber of Commerce & Industries Indo-American Chamber of Commerce Indo-Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industries Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Insurance Brokers Association of India International Copper Promotion Council (India) Internet Service Providers Association of India

City Mumbai Mumbai New Delhi Vijayawada Gulbarga Cochin Bangalore Chennai Mumbai New Delhi Faridabad Tuticorin Cochin Guntur Kolkata Coimbatore New Delhi Kolkata Kolkata Mumbai Noida New Delhi Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Kolkata Mumbai New Delhi Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai New Delhi Kolkata Jalpaiguri Guntur New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai Mumbai New Delhi

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