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Minutes of Governor’s Workforce Investment Board


State Workforce Investment Board (SWIB)

March 10, 2006

1:00 p.m.

Board Members Present:  Arthur E. Nathan, Debra Baez, Bob Brewer, Kirk Clausen, Mary-Ann Brown, Pam Egan, Lee Forbes, Elizabeth Ghanem, Sidney Hendrickson, Phyllis Hunewill, Terry Johnson, Richard Lee, Leslie Martin, Assemblywoman Eugenia Ohrenschall, Michael Peltyn, Keith Rheault, Tim Rubald, Cam Sorenson, Assemblywoman Valerie Weber, D. Taylor, Tom Peacock, Jean Peyton and Mike Willden.

Board Member Representatives Present:  Michael Bertoldi, represented by Clara Andriola

Board Members Absent: Michael Bahn, Maureen Brower, Pam Egan, Mark Furman, Cass Palmer, and Senator Randolph Townsend.

Guests:  Roy Brown, Moshe Bialac, Ron Hilke, Ron Fletcher, Lynda Parven, Lisa Morris, Joe Reel, Bob Murdock, Matt Vanada, Dana Durfee, Connie Williams, Val Hopkins, Darrol Brown, David Haws, Bob Wolf, Mark Bayer, and Mick Coleman.

Staff:  Tamara Nash, State Board Liaison

Agenda Item I. – Welcome

Chair: Arthur Nathan, Chair welcomed everyone and thanked the members for their attendance.

Agenda Item II. –  Roll Call and Confirmation of QuorumTamara Nash called roll and it was determined there was a quorum.  Chairman Nathan called the meeting to order.

Agenda Item III. – *Discussion/Possible Action–Approval of the December 9, 2005, SWIB Agenda

Chair:Do I have a motion on accepting the minutes?

1:11:05So moved.

Chair:I have a motion, do I have a second?


Chair:We have a second.  Any discussion?  This is usually a hot topic.  People always want to put in those comments where they’ve been left out.  Nothing on the, oh, that’s great.  All right.  All those in favor of accepting the minutes, say aye.


Chair:All opposed, same sign.  Oh, motion carried.  That’s wonderful.  We can move right along.

Agenda Item IV. – Report on the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) Winter policy Forum Meeting in Washington, D.C.

Johnson:All right.  Thank you, Mr. Chairman.  I do attend on behalf of the State of Nevada, the NASWA Conference, Winter Policy Forum, that is.  A couple of items that I think were discussed throughout and appear to be of great importance back in Washington D.C., as well as to us here, one of them obviously being the Workforce Investment Act under which we function and the status of that, and it’s prospects for reauthorization this current year.  It has passed the lower


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