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where there’s a bunch of other brochures.  You want this one to stand out.  So I think  you’re going to see this evolve by the time we see you next time.  We’re going to be excited to present that.  In conjunction with that, part of this brochure is to also have a two-sided business card.  This is going to be very easy to hand out.  Not only to employees but to employers to held find us.  One of the other things that the Marketing Committee is working on right now too is to redo the web page.  Our web page was very busy and had a lot of things going on it.  It was a little difficult to work your way through it.  They’re working on that.  They’ve just barely got started on that, Mass Media and BBC.  They’re going to come back to us with some recommendations to make this thing even be more important.  We realize our world has turned into a communication by Internet.  And this is something we need to be really on top of so that people can access us from everywhere.  And they can really get an understanding of what JobConnect does.  As I have mentioned before, the Committee has done in the past, prior to my getting here, to really getting what JobConnect is.  It’s got a pretty good recognized brand.  The JobConnect brand is relatively well recognized.  And now we’re going to start taking that and evolve it into where people can use it more.  It’s recognized.  They see the brand.  They understand a little bit what it is.  Now it’s, how do I use it.  And that’s our goal.   Especially with employers, too.  Those are some of the things we’re working on.  Let me see.  We also talked about, well the website.  I mentioned that.  Actually, those are the three things we’ve got going on, or four things we’ve got going on right now.  The brochure, if there’s any comments, I can take it here or you can talk to me privately about anything you’d like or any comments you’d like to add to the brochure.  And if there are any comments, I’m ready to hear them.  Thank you, Mr. Chair.

Chair:Thanks, Richard.  Good to see some progress in that committee.  

Ghanem:Chairman?  Are all these materials in Spanish too?

Nash:Mr. Chair?  This is Tami.  Yes, they will be also in Spanish.

Ghanem:Okay, thank you.

Lee:Let me also comment, too, that you might also see, in addition to seeing us being responsive to the ethnicity of our communities as they’re growing, but also the handicap.  We, part of the things we recommended to Mass Media was to make sure that maybe in a picture or something like that, we identify that as a Workforce Board.  We’re very interesting in provided jobs for the handicapped.  So that’s going to be part of the brochure too.

Chair:I would just encourage you to work closely with the Hispanic community about the translation and what their needs are.  It’s not as obvious as one think.  Just keep an eye on that, would you?  Okay, in the interest of helping someone who’s got to leave a little early, Jean, rather than leave your report until last, I know you have to sneak out a little early, so I thought I would call on you if you’re ready.

Peyton:Thank you, Mr. Chair.  I have a report included in your packet.  But, there were two things that happened that I thought were really interesting.  Or one, actually.  We had a presentation at the Committee on Employment of People With Disabilities from Dana Durfee of the Department of Labor.  And she provided to us an excellent, excellent bunch of information about the Navigator Program, which is something that our Committee is very interested in.  it’s a competitive program offered by Department of Labor.  There is no funding to provide it yet in Nevada.  But, we’re monitoring that and hopefully, we will be able to get that on board at some point.  Or get at least what it does.  The idea of the Navigator Program is to help people with disabilities work their way through the employment system in Nevada.  And it would be very helpful.  Sometimes there’s some tremendous barriers if you have a disability.  There were two things.  The other thing I was really excited about is that we were looking to get some sort of a survey done of people with disabilities that use the JobConnect offices.  A survey to determine the accessibility of them and the individual satisfaction with them.  And so we weighed very carefully how we were going to do this.  And the DETR staff is going to be able to do a survey of people that actually are using something that clearly identifies them as a person with a disability, as well as people who disclose


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