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in their application process that they do have a disability.  We’re going to be surveying them within thirty days of their completion of using the services, just to kind of see how that’s going.  So we think this is really important.  There are people in the disability community that feel that they are left out of the JobConnect.  I’m not convinced of that, but this should help us in making sure they’re truly accessible.  Mr. Chairman, that’s just about that’s going on.  And we’re pretty excited about it.

Chair:Thanks, Jean, it’s always good to have you.  Those of you with us here down in Southern Nevada, give an extra pat to Lander who had a little surgery recently, but is doing just fine.  So it’s good to have you with us.  Alright.  So we’ll go back in the order, again. The Youth Council Task Force Subcommittee, Mary-Ann Brown, in Carson City.

Brown:Thank you, Mr. Chairman.  Included in the packet is actually the invitation letter that went out in regards to our youth conference, which has been the emphasis of the Youth Task Force for the past seven or eight months.  And it’s scheduled to take place April 5th and 6th here in Reno at the Hilton.  The title of the conference is Youth Today, Employees Tomorrow.  Engaging the New Workforce.  And I’ve had a very hardworking subcommittee of my committee that’s been hard at work and Mike Willden just left and it’s sad that he doesn’t get to hear how much we appreciate his support, as well as Tami Nash and a very hardworking group of subcommittee members.  We’re really excited about bringing an innovative way to reach the most at-risk youth as it relates to employment.  And not only will be providers in attendance, those working hand in hand with the youth, but those with policy and administrative decision-making and then youth themselves.  So we plan on it to be a very engaging and interesting conference that we really hope is the start versus an ending.  That really starts some innovative programming ideas for here in Nevada, trying to find employment solutions for our most at-risk youth.  There will also be employers participating on a panel discussion. And I know, Mr. Chairman, you’re planning to attend, or at least  visit the conference, which will be great, as well.  As well as originally the Governor had planned to attend but I think his Chief of Staff is coming in his place.  So we’re very excited.  We’re working on all the details.  It’s been a lot of work.  Tami and her staff have been very helpful.  Particularly as it relates to contracts.  And we’ve had some community partners that have also added to the dollars that we received.  We received $30,000 in funding and we’ve been able to augment that with some other agencies thatWE are working with the at-risk youth.  And so we appreciate those partners as well.  I’m happy to answer any questions.

Chair:It looks like a good conference coming up.  If anyone can make it, I encourage you to do so.  Mary-Ann, if you get a chance, after the conference, that fellow Edward DeJesus was coming who’s really researched a lot of the strategies that have been used by at-risk youth?  If you could distribute that to the rest of the Board, I think it would be of great worth to them to figure this stuff out.

Brown:Sure.  I’d be happy to share.  He’s got a great website.  He’s got published materials.  And he does a lot of work with workforce investment across the country.  And really looks at youth cultural competence.  So he’s applying what he knows, but customizing it to here in Nevada.  What’s relevant to our youth.  And I just actually found out today too that Dana Durfee is very interested and wants to attend the conference as well from San Francisco.  So she’ll be joining us.  So if you do want to attend, though, we have limited space because of costs of food and other things related to putting on this type of a conference, so you have to pay.  There’s a fee and you have to get in touch.  Because it was actually by invitation only and certainly Board members are welcome to be in attendance.  But you need to hurry up.  First come, first serve.  

Chair:Tell them to bring their own food.  What is Mr. DeJesus’s website, do you know?

Brown:It’s actually www.wdrf.org.  Or if you have trouble, give me a call and I’ll connect you.  He’s very engaging.  I had some of my staff attend a presentation he gave in Arizona.  And so that’s why we selected him as the provider.  And we’ve been working with him.  He’s working with six or seven local youth to do preparation in advance.  We’re conference calling with him weekly.  So we’re looking forward to a very engaging two days.


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