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Chair:Any other questions?  Thank you, that’s exciting.  Good news on the youth front.  Let’s see.  Legislative Committee, Terry Johnson.

Johnson:Thank you, Mr. Chairman.  As you know, our legislature is not in session right now.  I don’t know, much to your satisfaction.  As they pick up and start to introduce bills and requests and whatnot, we’ll certainly keep this Board apprised of any that would impact workforce investment issues.  And I reported during the earlier report on the NASWA Conference legislative matters at the federal level that would impact workforce investment and what the status of those are.  I would imagine by the time you meet at your next quarterly meeting, we should have a clearer picture.  Hopefully of the status of reauthorization of the Workforce Investment Act and at such time, we’ll be more than happy to make a presentation if it’s your pleasure, on those changes to the Workforce Investment Act, once they’ve been finalized and agreed upon by both houses at the federal level.  But at this point, it’s still very much a work in progress.  That would conclude the items I would discuss under Legislative Committee.

Chair:Thank you very much.  I guess the next report is the Nominating Committee.  It was Mark Furman.  Did Mark arrive?  Tami do you have any information about this?

Nash:I can give you the report.  Mr. Chair, we still currently have four vacancies still on the Board.  Three representing business and Northern and Rural Nevada, and then we have one vacancy that was the position formerly held by Chris Chairsell from the University and Community College System, now Nevada’s System of Higher Education and we’re in contact with the Chancellor’s Office to have her replaced, because it is a required position on the Board.

Chair:And we have three in Rural Nevada?

Nash:Three in Northern or Rural Nevada--correct.  And they’ve been vacant for almost a year.  So any recommendations would be appreciated.  I’ve sent out quite a few letters asking for interest in these positions and I haven’t received any response.  So if anybody has any ideas and if we have somebody from Southern Nevada that would be interested in serving, as long as it’s a business representative, that would be fine.

Chair:They don’t have to move to Northern Nevada?

Nash:They don’t have to move.

Brown:Mr. Chairman?  It’s Mary-Ann Brown again in Carson.  I think we can talk to some of the employers who are presenting as part of our panel at our conference?  That might be a good opportunity to talk to them one on one since they already have an interest in some of the issues that we address as a Board.  So that might be a good intro to some of those businesses.  So we can work on that.

Chair:Tom Fitzpatrick, do you have any recommendations of people that you’ve been working with that you think would agree to join?

Fitzgerald:Hi, this is Tom Fitzgerald representing Tom Fitzpatrick and . . .

Chair:You’re right.  I’m sorry.

Fitzgerald:It isn’t often I can catch you like that.  That was exciting.  Thanks for giving me the setup.  We’re facing challenges throughout this whole Northern area with businesses.  We’ve talked also.  And we have Board members who are talking.  I don’t know what to do.  It’s very difficult.  The pressure’s on an awful lot of businesses today.   Some of the individuals, they might want to recommend are not at decision making levels and it just compounds the problem when they send somebody to a meeting who says, well, I can’t get involved.  Can’t make decisions on that.  We’ll keep trying.  That’s our pledge to the Board.  And we understand how difficult it is.


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