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Chair:Alright.  Well, everybody put your thinking caps on.  Thank you.  I think that’s it for the Committee Reports.  Oh, we have a question?  Please, go right ahead.

Weber:Thank you, Mr. Chairman.  I wanted to, with your approval, ask a question regarding after Jean’s report on the Persons With Disabilities, if there is a referral to JobConnect from the 211 System.

Peyton:I’m sorry.  Is that question for me?  Okay, yeah, why don’t you.

Johnson:Short answer is yes.  There is a referral available to the 211 System for JobConnect.  I’m not certain if you’re asking if it was for a person with disabilities, if there’s information that they have available on that or just in general, are there referrals available.

Weber:If an individual with a disability is looking for opportunities for employment, if JobConnect is mentioned through the 211 system.

Johnson:That’s a good point.  I do not know.  If there is a member of our staff that can answer that, they’re free to do so at this time.  But I can certainly verify that.  I know for certain that the system itself is available.  JobConnect is referenced.  Some of you may have seen or heard of the media reports the first day the 211 System was rolled out.  Governor Guinn called and asked where do I go to find a job.  And they directed him to the JobConnect System, to a JobConnect Office throughout Nevada.  He didn’t identify himself incidentally.  He was directed to the JobConnect System so we know with certainty that it is plugged into there and they have some information.  But it’s a good point as to whether or not persons with disabilities would be able to get information back too that might be available.  And we can look into that.

Coleman:This is Mick Coleman in Carson City.  I am the Administrator for the Rehabilitation Division.  Actually, I appreciate the question.  And it was one of the e-mails that came in to me today.  Just to make sure the databases are current with our Voc Rehab offices.  And that the referrals are appropriate.  So we’re working with the 211 System right now to make sure that those databases and the referral sources are current.

Chair:Alright.  For the rest of us who are embarrassed to ask, what’s 211?

Coleman:211 is a system that is national.  It’s being currently rolled out in Nevada.  And as a 911 is an emergency, it’s basically a one stop on referrals in the social service area and other areas.  And it’ll be rolled out over the next couple of years.  But it’s just been launched in the last month.  So if somebody has a question on social services or jobs or services for people with disabilities, it would be one number to call and the referral source after that.

Chair:Thank you.  So I can imagine that this 211 is going to get bombarded with our calls as soon as we leave here.  Everyone’s going to try this one out.  That’s nice.  Thank you very much.  I appreciate that.  We wouldn’t have known that otherwise.  Okay.  

Agenda Item IX. – Staff Reports

Olson:Thank you, Mr. Chairman.  I just have a few brief comments.  I’d like to say that the financial reports that you have in your packet are as of January 31st.  But I would like to speak to some more recent information.  I have my information through February 28th.  I’m happy to report that we have fully expended PY03 monies.  So we’re done with PY03.  We can concentrate on finishing up with PY04 monies.  I just had a couple comments here.  It looks like we’re on track but I was actually gratified to hear that Mr. Fitzgerald, I almost called him Mr. Fitzsimmons, reported that TMCC looks like they are on track to expend their money.  We’re looking at about $300,000 left in their contract to spend.  So that was a question in our mind of how that was going.

Chair:A much more colorful report than Marty usually gives and we thank you for that.  


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