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Olson:You’re welcome.

Chair:And I’m sure Mr. Fitzwallace appreciates the repeat comments here.  Okay.  Oh, the ever popular Bob Murdock telling us about information.  You even have some of this stuff included in your packet today.

Murdock:Thank you, Mr. Chairman, Board.  Yes, we finally got there.  In your packet, we have some handouts that we provided.  But just to make a long story short, the Local Employment Dynamics Program that I’ve been talking to you about for many months has finally come to fruition.  It is online and active as of this week.  The information is there.  The brochure that I included here does explain what you can do with that and how you can do with it.  We are available if you get to something you would like to look into deeper.  We’d be glad to help you.  We have staff that is well versed in how to mine the data off of this database.  And again, this is in cooperation with the U.S. Census Bureau and the Department, looking at our information and their information and it’s put together in a very unique and different way, to where we can better mine the census data and the labor market information with the State of Nevada.  Also this past period, we have released the new revised Nevada Career Information System.  I also provided you the handout for that.  The newsletter which describes the new Career Information System, which again, is in all seventeen school districts, around the state libraries, JobConnect Offices and other locations.  And for your reading pleasure, I also included Planning for a Bright Future in case some of you want to change.  You can look at some of the things that we’d offer you.  With that, I would conclude my report.

Chair:Every PDA here, Bob, just logged on to your site.  So you’re going to get lit up.  Terry you have a comment?

Johnson:Thank you, Mr. Chairman, I just wanted to take the opportunity to commend Mr. Murdock and his folks over at the Research and Analysis Bureau.  They’ve just done a great job and continue to do good work for the State of Nevada.  Recently they had an opportunity to be monitored by their federal counterparts at the Bureau of Labor Statistics and received a great number of glowing comments to the extent of highlighting their work in comparison to others around the country and identifying Nevada’s services in this area as being one of the best in the Nation.  So I wanted to take this opportunity to publicly thank and commend him and his staff for just the great recognition they brought to the State of Nevada and this forum and for the work that they do.  Thank you again, Mr. Chairman.

Chair:Sure.  And Bob, this is great stuff.  This Local Economic Dynamics Report is very clear and I’m anxious to go on the website now and see what else you have that we can mine.  So thank you very much.  Good report.

Murdock:Thank you.

Chair:Okay.  Let’s see.  The One-Stop Operating System.  Dave Haws.  

Haws:Good afternoon, Mr. Chairman.  It’s good to be here.  I’ll keep my comments brief since I’m preventing you from having a good snowball fight.  We continue to implement the OSOS system for the State of Nevada.  And we are essentially completing the first implementation phase.  We’re calling that closed.  And moving forward into the production and maintenance phase.  And that will focus on helping people with reports, dealing with any problems that might come up and also taking requests over the Help Desk.  As you may be aware, DOL had updated OSOS for common measures.  So we have new releases that continue to come out as a result of the common measures.  And our team is working to make sure those are implemented, tested and then rolled out to the different boards.  So, going forward, the emphasis will be primarily on maintaining the system and keeping the reporting packeting.  And that’s my report.

Chair:Any questions on the One-Stop Operating System?  For those Board members who haven’t been around a long time, this was a long time in coming.  It was a collaborative project and it was a lynchpin for the One-Stop centers.  So, having this brief report belies all the hard work that has


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