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gone into this system.  And not hearing anybody barking about it, shows just how well it’s finally working.  And the fact that you’re able to close phase one and move now into the reporting phase, and greater utility of this system, shows that all this hard work has paid off.  So that’s good news, Dave.

Haws:Thank you.

Agenda Item XI. – Public Comments

Chair:Now we come to this part of the program that I just love.  Public comments.  So I invite anybody form the public who has anything they’d like to talk to us about, please come forward and we’ll see what you have to say.  Yes, sir.

Brown:Thank you, Mr. Chairman.  For the record, my name is Darrell Fitzbrown.

Chair:Are you related to that other Fitz guy up there?

Brown:I’m sorry.  We dropped that part of the name when my family came over.  For the record, I’m Darrell Brown.  I am Irish.  I am the Director of Veteran’s Employment Training Service, U.S. Department of Labor for the State of Nevada.  I just have a couple of comments I’d like to make, sir.  First off, your comment earlier about diminishing dollars.  Congress was very kind to our agency this year.  We actually got an increase of money.  And then ONB got a hold of it and we don’t have that money anymore.  So I understand your comment about being very judicious with our training dollars and our employment dollars.  About the annual report, I was very, very impressed.  And Tammy, I know you had a hand in this.  Excellent report.  My only comment is there’s a lot of talk about youth, dislocated workers and things like that and since my passion is Veterans, I didn’t see anything in here about Veterans.  And if that could be a category at some point in the future, it’d make me a lot happier.  The one comment I really wanted to make today, Mr. Chairman, is that our agency developed a program about a year ago called Real Lifelines.  Where we put staff in the Walter Reed Army Hospital and Bethesda Naval Hospital in the Washington D.C. area to help these young men and women coming back from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom with employment and training issues.  Recently, we have got now from what they call the Military Severely Injured Center, MSIC, we’re getting people staffed there, working with these young men and women coming back to the states.  Since December, there has been a report issued by our agency to our region and down to the local states giving an actual name, address, telephone, e-mail, cell phone number of these young men and women who are coming back.  February’s report, which came out about eight, nine days ago, was the first time Nevada had any names on this list.  I forwarded it to our staff in the JobConnect Center.  Disabled Veterans Outreach Program and our local Veterans Employment represent staff and our job centers and they have been able to contact the ten or twelve names on that list.  About half of them, some of them have already been registered for service.  One of them is seeking employment and we’re pretty sure we’ll be able to get that person employed within the next few days.  So I just wanted to let Mr. Johnson know and Ms. Jones know that their staff has done an excellent turn around within less than 24 hours, they were making contact with these people and getting them registered with the JobConnect System.  So that’s my comments, Mr. Chairman.  If the Board has any questions, I’d be more than happy to answer them.

Chair:That’s a great testimonial and we appreciate it.  Certainly everyone supports assisting the Veterans.  Those coming back from the Gulf area.  Right now it’s a timely topic.  So thank you for letting us know. And congratulations to the One-Stop Centers for getting right on this.

Brown:Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

Chair:Any other public comments?  No?  This is so exciting.  I really appreciate that.  You know, I pride myself  on getting us out of here by 3 o’clock.  It looks like we’re going to beat the hell out of that today.  I thank everyone.  A lot of good information today.  And the Annual Report is just more information.  I want to commend all the Board members and all the committees for their hard


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