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Agenda Item V. – *Discussion/Possible Action on the Approval of Revisions to the following Workforce Investment Act (WIA) State Compliance Policies

Hopkins:It’s good to see you, Mr. Chairman, thank you.  The policy that is enclosed deals with the confidentiality agreements between the State, the local workforce investment boards and their vendors or clients or contractors.  So if you have any questions regarding this, I’d be happy to answer.  What the purpose of this was, was to get all three of these processes compiled into one policy.  And if you had time to read it, I think it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Chair:Are there any questions for Val?

Rheault:Arte, this is Keith Rheault.  I just wanted to make sure I was clear.  It sounds like the revisions really are just putting all the policies together.  There really isn’t anything new or much new in what’s . . .

Hopkins:No.   It’s actually what had been agreed to and it’s now just compiled into one policy, Keith.

Rheault:That’s what I thought.  Thanks.

Chair:So, Val, you’re saying there’s no change, just a putting together of all these policies.  So everything we have in front of us is really just the same stuff, only reconfigured.

Hopkins:Right.  This, in and of itself, Mr. Chairman, is a new policy combining all three of those activities into one document.

Chair:Any discussion for Val?  Do I have a motion to approve?

1:18:58So moved.

Chair:Do we have a second?

1:19:01Uh, Mr. Chair?


Chair:Hold on.  We got to get a motion and a second.  I, I was out of step here.  That’s my problem.


Chair:All right.  We have a motion and a second.  Now, we go to discussion.  Go ahead.

1:19:13Just a quick question, Val.  The three combined policies are consolidated for all three under these two pages?

Hopkins:Right.  It was three processes and they have all been brought together here.

Chair:It’s a masterpiece of brevity.  It’s great.

Hopkins:I hope.


Chair:I think the best news here is that they printed them on back-to-back pages.  So they even saved paper here as well as number of policies.  Any other discussion?  I’ve been reminded that when you’re not talking, you’re supposed to turn off your microphone; otherwise there is serious feedback that’s keeping people awake.  Okay.  No other discussion.  All those in favor, please say aye.


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