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Chair:All opposed?  Motion carried.  Congratulations Val.  Good job.

Hopkins:Thank you.

Agenda Item VI.  – Status Reports in Board Funded Pilot & Incumbent Worker Projects

Blue:Good afternoon, Mr. Chair, members of the Committee.  On Item VI, the report on Pilot and Incumbent Worker Projects, all of our projects have been closed, so there is no further report.

Chair:Well, that was rather succinct.  So they’ve been closed.  Were there any pilot projects for incumbent worker programs?

Blue:No.   What the . . .

Chair:Oh, well then that’s how they got closed.

Blue:But there were some pilot projects that we have reported on in the past.  The effort with CVS Pharmacy.  That was closed out.


Blue:Not as successful as we had hoped for.  Or as we would have liked to.  There were some communication problems with CVS in regards to how they should report, when they should report, basically following reporting protocol.  Which caused a great deal of concern on our part because they weren’t following the protocol in terms of putting people in training prior to registration, which caused us difficulties and (--indistinct--) to reimbursements.  So it came to a point where we thought it best for both parties to part in a friendly rather than an adversarial way.  And perhaps revisit the effort down the road.

Chair:And were there any programs that you were involved in for incumbent workers?


Chair:Okay.  Thank you very much, Mr. Blue.  Tom Fitzgerald, do you have a report for us?

Fitzgerald:Yes, sir, I do.  We have two open.  The first one is the Bill Pearce Automotive training.  That particular project has already graduated many more individuals than anticipated and has come in substantially under budget.  Within the next two months, Nevadaworks will be returning the unused portion of the grant to the Governor’s Reserve fund.  The budget was less than forty thousand.  We will probably be returning approximately twenty-five thousand.  The other project is the ongoing three-year Truckee Meadows Community College Pipeline Nursing Project.  That just continues to be moving ahead, meeting all expectations.

Chair:Was the automotive program for incumbent workers?

Fitzgerald:Yes, sir, it was.

Chair:Okay.  Any questions for Tom?  That’s good.  Thank you very much.  Mixed bag of report there.  Reference back to Terry’s comments about diminishing dollars.  I don’t think we can afford to waste any dollars, so let’s be careful on these pilot programs and anything else that we’re getting involved in at the local levels.  Secondly, I would like to encourage both local boards to remember that our Governor is intent on incumbent worker training.  And it would be a serious mistake for us to overlook that and not take advantage of his support.  His support in the State probably is something good, given the dwindling support for dollars at the Federal level.  So I would like to


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