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encourage both boards, and Tom and Richard, I’d like you to take this to heart, that incumbent worker training is very important.  And I’d like to see something along those lines as we move forward.

Agenda Item VII. – Local Workforce Investment Board Committee Reports

Clausen:Right behind you here, sir.  With regards to our Board now, I’ll certainly defer to Tom if there’s anything to add than our last Board meeting.  I was especially grateful for the attendance.  The folks that are showing up are showing a true interest with regards to the work.  Mostly around the issue of challenges we feel right now today from a budget perspective.  We had a presentation on what would be the key items around our budget. We laid out the challenges for our Board, especially with respect to what’s going on from Northern Nevada.  We had a spirited discussion--  good participation.  Thought we would be able to wrap it up in that Board meeting, but instead, our Board members basically asked for an additional meeting to continue working on how to stretch these dollars to your point.  And I believe we’re getting together again sometime this month or next on a non-standard meeting to talk through the issues with our team and see if we can come up with some solutions.  That would be the key issue out of that Board meeting.  I would defer to Tom if there’s anything else to add.

Nash:He’s shaking his head no.

Clausen:With that, I would conclude our report.

Chair:Thanks, Kirk, good to have you down here.

Clausen:Thank you.

Chair:Mr. Brewer?

Brewer:Thank you, Mr. Chair.  We just submitted in writing the initiatives and programs that we have ongoing at the Southern Nevada Workforce Board.  I would think that the most interesting would be the High Growth Initiative Grant that we’re currently a part of with the community college and Station Casinos.  I guess that’s the most press recently.  We’re working diligently to keep that online and keep that moving forward.  We’re on the straights with our proposals for our Youth Services and Dislocated Services as we’ve outlined in the information that we’ve submitted to you.  It’s business as usual and if there’s anything that I’m missing, I’ve got Mr. Blue out here.  Mr. Blue, is there something we should add at this point that we haven’t already submitted?

Blue:Thank you.  We have one addition and one emphasis.  We did, on February 28th kick off, if you will, what we call a Get Connected Program out in the rural Nye County.  This is a program that is a bi-monthly breakfast to introduce the business community to the services that are available to the businesses in not only rural, but just businesses in general, that they can avail themselves by utilizing in the Nevada JobConnect System.  This so far has been very successful and we’re getting a lot of interest.  The second thing we’d like to talk about and emphasize is an initiative that’s been spearheaded by Assemblywoman Weber, and that’s looking at the reentry population in Southern Nevada and how best that those of us who are involved in workforce development, as well as any other services that could benefit the successful reentry and reduce the recidivism rate, she thought would be helpful.  So toward that end, we’re having monthly partnership meetings with organizations.  We’re also looking at several issues to help, not make the reentry easier, but to make the reentry more successful in terms of getting persons connected to employment.  The major task that’s before us and that we’re working on quite aggressively is this whole concept of having proper i.d.  So that individuals will be able to at least access and receive information about meaningful services.

Johnson:Mr. Chairman, if I might, I just had question about something Mr. Blue reported on earlier.  The CVS contract, is that the contract where there were some monies that had been allocated from the Reserve Fund and are being proposed for a reversion for use elsewhere?


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