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Blue:That’s correct and we’ve sent a check to the State in the amount of forty-seven thousand and some change.  

Johnson:Okay.  For the CVS.  Now, did CVS actually do any work under the contract that you all had entered into with them?

Blue:Uh, yes, they did.  As I mentioned, it was more of a paperwork challenge for them in terms of following protocol.

Johnson:Okay.  So you entered into an agreement with them.  You had paid them up to a point for services rendered.  And then reached a point where you canceled the agreement and made the decision to return those monies back to the Reserve Fund?

Blue:That’s correct.

Johnson:Alright.  Thank you.

Brewer:We’re entertaining other questions.  

Martin:Mr. Chairman?  If I might ask a couple of questions of Mr. Blue.  When you say there was a JobConnect in rural Nevada, or in the rural counties, Nye County?  Was that in Pahrump?

Blue:That’s the Pahrump one.

Martin:Not, not Tonopah.  So, . . .

Blue:The intent when we established the Pahrump One-Stop was to from Pahrump reach out and provide services through some either technology or some other creative means to the rest of the state.  The rest of our rural areas.

Martin:Okay.  As a representative of rural Nevada, I was just curious if Tonopah has anything going.

Blue:Tonopah is served through one of our service provides and that’s Nevada Business Services.

Martin:Okay.  And then, one other question.  On the report, it indicates the 1.1 million High Growth Initiative Grant was received and that, the way it’s written, it sounds like the entire amount is used for placement of individuals at the Station’s Red Rock Casino.

Blue:That’s correct.  That is a demonstration grant.  It was applied for under the Administration’s High Growth Initiative and the general intent of that initiative is to demonstrate the viability of connecting workforce development type systems with a premier, if you will, a primary training provider and that being the community college.  In this case, the partnership is, the Board is the administrative entity, the partners under the agreement are the Community College of Southern Nevada, Red Rock Casino as the employer and the American Hotel and Lodging Association as the provider of the curriculum.  There are probably several goals that they’re trying to demonstrate or see if it’s possible under the grant.  One is to test the viability of the curriculum of the American Hotel and Lodging Association.  The second is to test whether or not the viability of using the community college as a training vehicle.  And third would be the relationship that’s developed with the employer.

Martin:Okay.  Thank you.

Chair:How much money was in that project?

Blue:In that project, it’s a three-year project and as cited in the report is $1.1 million.  


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