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Chair:And how much has been spent to date?

Blue:The draw down to date has been sixty-eight thousand.  It is a three-year project.

Chair:And it’s been going on how long?

Blue:We inked the contract this past August.

Chair:Okay, and how many people are in training or have been placed?

Blue:Okay, we have referred a total, as of yesterday, 328 people for training.  283 people have graduated training and the placement is somewhat challenging.  Our records are indicating that 8 people have been placed and an additional 3 are going through background checks.  

Chair:Two hundred are in training and how many have been referred to them?

Blue:Okay.  326 have been referred.  283 of the referees have graduated training.  And the placement, as of yesterday, was 8.




Blue:Eight.  Yes.

Chair:And how would you rate that?

Blue:I would rate it as challenging.  And as I mentioned when I talked about the priority goals of the project, we, from a workforce investment arena, look at the placement as the primary target.  But when you read the scope of work and you kind of look at the outline, yes, employment is a performance indicator, so we’re working on that.  We’re having meetings on Mondays with Stations Casino to try to wrap our arms around it a little better.  But as I said, the other two points that they’re trying to test the viability of, one is the validity of the curriculum and the other is the validity of the college in the training.

Chair:$1.1 million is a lot of money for eight people.

Blue:Well, yeah, granted . . .

Chair:I wouldn’t spend much more on this.

Blue:$1.1 million is a lot of money for eight people.  But $1.1 million over three years is, is still a lot of money.  But, I certainly believe that the result in terms of the employment will be met.  I mean . . .

Chair:They’re just about done hiring, aren’t they?

Blue:Well, the idea behind this is, it’s kind of a roll, I guess it’s a rolled down approach.  Number one, Stations has provided recognition.  Obviously, they’re going to put a limited number of new green employees into a flagship project such as this.

Chair:Well, no, but they’re transferring thousands from a lot of other places.

Blue:I know.  I mean, and that’s the idea.  Is that they’re going to transfer, as you said, thousands into Red Rock and the idea of the beneficiaries of this effort would be the backfill of the Station properties.


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