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Chair:Well, I would caution you to get the commitment up front before you spend dollar one.


Chair:Because, I’d be very curious to see what the total number hired here is.  

Blue:I can tell you what the goal hire is.

Chair:What was the goal?

Blue:The goal hire is eighteen hundred.

Chair:Eighteen hundred.

Blue:That’s correct.

Chair:Well, that’s a stretch.  We’ll be curious to see how well they do.

Blue:As well as I, Mr. Chair.

Chair:Yeah, I bet.  Well let’s be careful with these dollars.


Chair:You know, people that are all talk, we’ve got to be careful.  Alright.  Thanks, Richard.  I don’t mean to grill you up here, I’m sorry.

Blue:No, I appreciate it.  And I think everybody deserves to kind of hear the full story about that.

Chair:Okay.  Alright.  As part of your packets today, you all got a copy of the annual report of the Workforce Investment System here in Nevada.  And I would encourage you to read it because there’s a lot of hard work that goes into all of these efforts.  Trying to find good projects.  Looking for the money.  Putting the programs and the providers together.  And then trying to get some outcomes that are credible and reasonable.  And there’s a good story throughout this book so I would encourage you all to read it because this is really the outcome that we’re about.  So, take a moment if you haven’t already read it.  It’s a pretty good story.    Alright.  Yes, you may.  Go right ahead.

Weber:Thank you, Mr. Chairman.  I had an opportunity to read the report.  And I wanted to find out on page 15, I don’t know to whom to direct this question.  On page 15, it talks about a Faith In Community Based Initiative that was through the Department of Labor.  Is there a final on that?  If we were granted, the grant money came to Nevada, please?  If someone could comment on that?

Johnson:Mrs. Nash?  Would she be able to speak to the status of that proposal?

Nash:Director Johnson, I believe that somebody from the Southern Board would be more appropriate.

Johnson:Was that submitted by the Southern Board to DOL?

Nash:It’s under their portion of the report.


Nash:That piece of information.

Chair:You’re asking specifically about the ex-offenders portion of that?  The Faith In Community Based


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