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Initiatives?  Okay.  

Galbreth:Mr. Chair, Board members.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to address this.  We, meaning the Southern Nevada Workforce Investment Board, did apply for this grant sometime last year.  Unfortunately, we were not successful in receiving this.  We submitted our application sometime last summer and we did get notice that we were not one of the successful responders to this particular solicitation.

Chair:Wait, wait.  Let me get this straight.  The Southern Nevada Workforce Board applied for this grant?

Galbreth:Yes, sir.  

Chair:And there weren’t enough convicts?

Galbreth:Excuse me?

Chair:Is it that there weren’t enough convicts?  What was the refusal based on?

Galbreth:This was a competitive grant initiative from the Department of Labor and other states and other areas did get an award.  But we were not one of those.

Weber:Thank you, Mr. Chairman.  As a follow up, is there a place that we can find out who the grantees were?  And do you know if there’s another grant similar to this coming up?

Galbreth:I do not know but we can certainly find out.

Weber:Thank you.  I’d appreciate that.

Galbreth:Get that information back to you.

Chair:Thank you very much.  So I guess that’s just another example of the competitiveness for the dollars.  You know, because this is certainly a program with high need, I would think.  You know, the State thinks so and the local board thinks so, so I guess we just have to keep an eye on those dollars.  Make sure that, you know, if we got some money that we put it to the programs that we think will have the highest value.  Alright.  Tami, let the record show that Richard Lee just came in from the snowstorm.

Nash:Thank you, Mr. Chair.

Rheault:Arte, this is Keith Rheault from Carson City.  

Chair:Yes, sir.

Rheault:I just wanted to make sure I complemented whoever put this together.  It was nice and succinct.  Forty pages.  It was easy reading and summarized everything I think pretty well.  So whoever did it, either the local boards and the staff of DETR.  I just wanted to complement them.  It was a good easy read for me, instead of a hundred pages.

Chair:I think it’s the staff and they do a great job up at DETR.  As Terry just pointed out, there’s one good looking guy on page 16.  So, that always helps to have good pictures like that in the book too.  It is a very good report.  And that’s why I pointed it out.  But, thanks, Keith.  Okay.  So let’s move on to the committee reports.  If there’s no other questions for the two local boards.  I want to thank both of them for their good reports today.

Agenda Item VIII. – Governor’s Workforce Investment Board Committee Reports


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