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Villa Alegre - Tract B

August 17, 2009

E. MSMT603 New Mexico Standard Method of Tests (SHA).

    • 1.03


      • A.

        Contractor Qualifications: All work specified herein shall be performed by a landscape contractor experienced with the type and scale of work required and having equipment and personnel adequate to perform the work satisfactorily.

    • B.

      Source Quality Control:

      • 1.

        Compliance with Laws: All plant materials shall comply with State and Federal Laws, including the New Mexico Plant Protection Act, with respect to inspection for disease infestation.

      • 2.

        Tagging of Trees: The Contractor shall submit to the Landscape Architect, at least one week in advance of tagging date, an itemized list of trees along with a notice as to where and when the nursery inspection of trees shall may be made. The accepted trees will be tagged by the Landscape Architect for delivery to the site.

      • 3.

        Plant Inspection: Inspection of all plant materials will be made for size, vigor, representativeness of species and variety, injury, condition of ball and roots, or latent defects. Inspection at delivery does not preclude the possibility of rejection of material after installation.

      • 4.

        Substitutions: Substitutions of any plant materials requires the written approval of the Landscape Architect prior to ordering plants. Requests for substitutions must be submitted with any cost or quantity adjustments for approval.

      • 5.

        Analysis and Standards: All packaged standard products shall have manufacturer's certified analysis. For other materials, provide analysis if required by these specifications. Analysis is to be by recognized laboratory and made in accordance with methods established by the Association of Official Agricultural Chemists.

      • 6.

        Tagging or Labeling of Plant Materials: All plant materials shall be true to species, variety and legibly tagged with origin, name and size of material. These tags shall be durable labels marked in weather resistant ink and securely attached to each plant of a single species, variety and size identification. They will remain on plants through final inspection.

      • 1.04


A. Planting shall not begin until final subgrade has been established and approved by the Landscape Architect. Under no circumstance shall any work be done if weather or soil conditions are not satisfactory.

Trees, Shrubs and Groundcovers

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