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Villa Alegre - Tract B

August 17, 2009

  • B.

    Protection! Sequencing/ Scheduling:

    • 1.

      Protect all existing items to remain.

    • 2.

      Ensure proper timing of each phase of work in relationship to the normal planting season for each type of planting work.

    • 3.

      Coordinate planting with the required maintenance period.

    • 4.

      Coordination with seeding and sodding: Plant trees and shrubs after final grades are established and prior to seeding and sodding, unless otherwise accepted by the Landscape Architect. If planting of trees and shrubs occurs after seeding and sodding work, protect such areas and promptly repair damage resulting from planting operations.

  • c.

    Verify all utility locations in the field before digging.

  • D.

    Coordinate with installation of landscape irrigation system piping and watering heads.

    • 1.08


    • A.

      Do not install plants when ambient temperatures rise above 90 degrees F.

    • B.

      Do not install plants when wind velocity exceeds 30 mph.

      • 1.09


        • A.

          Warranty trees, shrubs, groundcovers, vines, native and ornamental

grasses, and perennials through maintenance period and until final acceptance.

  • B.

    Warranty: Guarantee all plants to be alive and healthy for a period of one full year following the date of final acceptance by Owner or Landscape Architect, against defects including death and unsatisfactory growth as determined by the Landscape Architect, unless such failure is determined to be due to the Owner's negligence in following the Contractor's recommended maintenance procedure.

  • C.

    Trees shall be considered dead ifthe main leader or if 25% or more of the canopy has died back. Shrubs shall be considered dead if 25% or more of the crown has died back. Deciduous plants, installed during the dormant season, shall be guaranteed to break dormancy. Groundcovers and perennials shall be considered dead if the area has not been substantially covered by new growth within the one-year warranty period.

D. During the warranty period, immediately replace dead or unhealthy plants. Only one replacement per plant will be required during the one-year

Trees, Shrubs and Groundcovers

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