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Villa Alegre - Tract B

August 17, 2009

  • E.

    Nomenclature: Nomenclature shall conform to the Standardized Plant Names, Second Edition. Names not present in this listing shall confOlm to accepted botanical nomenclature in the nursery trade.

  • F.

    Substitutions: No substitution of sizes or plant species will be accepted unless submitted in writing to the Landscape Architect allowing sufficient time, 2-3 days, for a response.

    • 2.02


      • A.

        Deciduous Trees: All deciduous trees, except aspen, shall have been container or nursery grown (not collected or plantation grown) from an approved nursery. Trees noted to be boxed shall be grown in box for a period of one-year minimum and two years maximum. Any rootbound material shall not be accepted. Boxed or containerized trees shall be handled by container only. All trees shall be first-class representatives of their species, well shaped and full. Tree shall have straight tnmks, be planted plumb, with the main leader in tact, undamaged and uncut, unless specified otherwise. All old abrasions and cuts shall be completely callused over. All trees shall be measured when their branches are in the normal position. Height and spread dimensions specified refer to the main body of the plant. The determining measurement for trees shall be caliper, which shall conform to ANSI Z60.1, most current edition. All plants shall conform to the measurements specified in the Plant Lists. Balled and burlapped material will be rejected if wrapped with plastic burlap or plastic twine. All balled and burlapped material shall have been properly root pruned. The Landscape Architect reserves the right to reject any trees not meeting these criteria.

  • B.

    Evergreen Trees: Evergreen trees, except for locally native pines, shall be grade XX or better and nursery grown. Evergreen trees shall be straight, dense, compact, evenly canopied, full and shapely for the species, unless specified as a character tree. Trees shall not be unnaturally sheared and main leaders must be intact and healthy.

  • c.

    Balled and burlapped material shall be tightly and neatly wrapped around the rootball. Field dug material shall have rootballs one size larger than that required for nursery grown stock of the same size. AAN standards shall be used for ball sizes. Nursery grown material shall have been root pruned prior to digging.

D. Plants shall be subject to inspection at the source of supply for quality, size and color. Plants lacking compactness or proper proportions, plants which are weak or thin, or plants injured by too close planting in nursery rows will not be accepted.

Trees, Shrubs and Groundcovers

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