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are to be approved by the Landscape Architect prior to beginning planting or mulching.




Verify that prepared subsoil and planting pits are ready to receive work.


Saturate pits with water to test drainage.


Verify that required underground utilities are available, in proper location, and ready for use.

Villa Alegre - Tract B

August 17, 2009



  • A.

    Planting General.

    • 1.

      Soil amendments for each type of planting shall be as indicated in Drawings or as noted in this section.

    • 2.

      Plants shall not be planted deeper than the original ground line.

  • B.

    Trees - Individual Locations: Excavate tree pits so that top of rootball will be level with the adjacent soil grade. Tree pit excavations shall be three

times as wide as the rootball in circumference and shall be no deeper than the maximum depth of the rootball. Prior to setting the tree flood the tree pit and allow all water to percolate in to soil. Set rootball plumb in center of pit. Remove burlap and wire from top half of root ball. Unless otherwise directed on the Drawings, backfill with excavated soil mixed with soil amendment in 6" tamped layers. Do not add compost to backfill. Apply fertilizer tablets evenly around the perimeter of each tree rootball at a depth halfway between the top and middle of the rootball. Flood with water after two-thirds backfilled. After water is absorbed, continue backfilling and tamping to grade, leaving no voids or air pockets. Water again, after placing final layer of backfill. Form water well around each tree as noted on the Drawings for each tree. Fill the watering well with mulch as specified.

C. Shrub Planting - Individual Locations: Shrub pit excavation shall be three times larger than width of rootball and shall only be as deep as the maximum depth of the rootball. Prior to setting the plant, flood the pit and allow all water to percolate in to soil. Set shrub rootball plumb in center ofpit. Backfill with two parts native soil and one part compost and one part soil alllendments, unless other wise noted on the Drawings. Apply fertilizer tablets and other soil additives when shmb pit is two-thirds backfilled. Continue backfilling to finish grade, create watering well, and thoroughly water.

D. Planting Beds - Mass Planting Areas:

Trees, Shrubs and Groundcovers

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