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  • A.

    Provide insulating concrete form product which has been manufactured and installed to withstand concrete placement loads without defects, damage or failure and such that the cast-in-place concrete wall is designed according to ACI 318 "Building Code Requirements for

  • B.

    Furnish labor, materials, equipment, and services necessary for the complete and proper installation of all insulating concrete formwork and related work, as shown on the drawings or specified herein, in accordance with all applicable requirements of the contract documents.

    • 1.

      Insulating concrete wall formwork consisting of two panels of flame retardant panels of Type II expanded polystyrene (EPS) manufactured to a 1.5 Ibs/cu. ft. minimum density. The two EPS panels to be connected by 8 co-polymer polypropylene plastic tie inserts designed with cross members placed 6" o.c. horizontally and 8" o.c. vertically creating a symmetrical design enhancing installation efficiency and reducing product waste. Plastic tie inserts positioned perpendicular between the EPS panels. The ICF product to be modular or pre-fabricated factory assembled forms.

    • 2.

      The ICF formwork to have consistent 2 1h" thick EPS panels with a double row of square interlocking teeth designed for efficient installation with the modular ICF formwork having no top, bottom, left or right sides; it being of a universal type design. Straight, 90-degree corner and 45-degree corner units to all possess the same design features and characteristics.

    • 3.

      Plastic tie inserts designed to allow for multiple reinforcement placement positions to comply with structural design. The rebar chairs to be two deep, loose fit contact splice.

    • 4.

      Wall system to provide a forming cavity width of minimum 4", 6", 8" or 10" (as design requires). The cavity width shall be a consistent flat rectangular cross section.

    • 5.

      Wall system plastic tie inserts to provide minimum 11/4"-wide fastening strips @ 6" o/c. Fastening strips to be recessed beneath the EPS panel face 1h" and run vertically full wall height to facilitate fastening both interior and exterior finishes.

    • 6.

      Wall system consisting of two EPS panels, concrete and exterior and interior finishes to provide a minimum R22 insulation value.

    • 7.

      EPS foam to provide maximum vapor permeation of 3.5 Perm-in.

  • C.

    Conform to the appficable building code requirements of regulatory agencies having jurisdiction.


All submittals, which do not conform to the following requirements, will be rejected.

  • A.

    SUBMITALLS OF EQUALS. Submit insulating concrete form system to be considered as equal to the specified insulating.concrete form system submitted and approved prior to bid date. Insulating concrete form system, which have been reviewed and accepted as equal to the specified form system, will be listed in an addendum prior to bid date; only then will equals be accepted at bidding. Submitta Is shall include the following:

    • 1.

      Asample ICF formwork product.

    • 2.

      Current edition ofthe insulating concrete form system manufacturer's specifications and installation guidelines.

    • 3.

      Documentation ofthemanufacturet'squality control/qualityassurance pr6gram fOf the primary insulating concrete form product supplied.

    • 4.

      Descriptive list of the materials proposed for use.

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