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Section 03310

    • D.

      Tolerances: Tolerances shall confonn to ACI 301

      • 3.05


        • A.

          Concrete pads for Mechanical and Electrical Equipment: Of same type concrete

specified for floor slab 6" thick minimum, with 4 x 4 -4/4 welded wire fabric near the top, and with smooth integral finish. Set bolts, anchors, piping, etc. in concrete as required by manufacturer of the equipment used. Templates or setting diagrams as necessary shall be furnished by the manufacturer of equipment used. Refer to the Drawings and approved equipment shop drawings for appropriate pad sizes and locations.


JOINTS Construction Joints and Control Joints in walls, beams and slabs: A. Construction Joints: Located where shown on the Drawings or as located to Architect's approval. In general, they shall be located near the middle span of slabs, beams and girders unless a beam intersects a girder at this point, in which case the joints in the girders shall be offset a distance equal to twice the width of the beam. Construction joints in wall shall be at the under side of floors, beams or girders and at the top of footings or floor slabs and at underside of deepest beam framing into the waIl or column. Joints shall be perpendicular to the main reinforcement. All construction joints shall have keyed surfaces, with reinforcing continuous through the joint. Maximum horizontal length of wall between joints shall be 60 feet in one day's pour, in a straight line. Provide a continuous waterstop in all basement construction joints. B. Control Joints: Control Joints shall be located where shown on the Drawings or as per the Architect's direction and at 25 feet spacing, maximum in walls or slabs. Control Joints are to be a weakened plane fonned by Yz of the horizontal reinforcing discontinuous and a fonned groove as directed by the Architect. Provide a continuous waterstop in all basement control joints.

    • 3.07

      COLD WEATHER PRECAUTIONS: (Use only upon approval of Architect)

      • A.

        Air Temp:

When air temperature is below 40 F or expected to fall below that ambient temperature, heat all aggregates and water before mixing to obtain a concrete temperature of 50°F to 80°F at point of placement. Do not use frozen materials or materials containing snow or ice. Do not place concrete on frozen subgrade. B. Concrete Temp: Maintain concrete at 50°F or above for a minimum of 7 days. Follow ACI 306 for cold weather concreting. Contractor shall have blankets, tents and heater on site prior to the onset of cold weather.

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