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Mule-Hide Products

Fully Adhered TPO Single Ply Membrane


Prior to job start, submit to Membrane Manufacturer all documentation required to apply for specified warranty.

    • 1.04

      Product Delivery, Storage and Handling

      • A.

        All products delivered to the job site shall be in their original unopened containers or wrappings and clearly labeled with the manufacturer's name, product identification and date of manufacture.

  • B.

    Protect all materials from damage during transit, storage and delivery to the job site. Place all materials on pallets and protect from moisture.

  • C.

    Store all materials in a dry, clean area protected from the elements. All rolls of membrane shall be stored flat on pallets.

  • D.

    All adhesive and caulking shall be stored at temperatures between 60°F and 80°F.

  • E.

    All flammable materials shall be stored in a cool, dry area away from open flames and sparks. Follow precautions outlined on containers or supplied by the material manufacturer/supplier.

    • F.

      All damaged materials are to be removed from the job site and replaced with new materials.

      • 1.05

        Job Conditions

  • A.

    TPO roofing materials may be installed in temperatures below 40° F but only after consultation with the Manufacturer's Technical Service Department as special precautions or procedures may be necessary. The performance of the materials, installation costs and production rates may be affected.

  • B.

    Only as much new roofing as can be made watertight each day shall be installed each day. This includes all flashing work.

  • C.

    All substrates to receive new insulation, membrane or flashing shall be thoroughly dry. Should surface moisture occur, the contractor shall provide adequate equipment to dry the substrate prior to application of new materials.

  • D.

    Prior to and during application, all dirt, debris and dust shall be removed from surfaces to be roofed for both new and reroofing substrates.

  • E.

    Precautions shall be taken to prevent wind blow-off or wind damage during the course of the roofing application. This may necessitate additional securement of temporary construction, materials and equipment.

  • F.

    Do not allow contaminants such as petroleum, acid, solvents, etc. or direct steam venting to come into direct contact with the TPO Roofing Membrane. Contact the Mule-Hide Customer Service Department for recommendations if such conditions exist.

  • G.

    Do not install the TPO Roofing Membrane in direct contact with any product containing coal tar pitch, creosote or penta-based materials. Consult the Manufacturer's Customer Service Department for special installation requirements.

  • H.

    The contractor shall follow and comply with all safety regulations as recommended by OSHA.


All work shall be scheduled and executed without exposing interior building areas to the effects of inclement weather. The existing building and its contents shall be protected against all risks.


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