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  • E.

    Quality Assurance Submittals: Submit the following:

    • 1.

      Certificates: Product certificates signed by the manufacturer certifying that materials comply with specified performance characteristics and criteria and physical requirements.

    • 2.

      Manufacturer's instructions: Manufacturer's Installation Instructions.

    • 3.

      Manufacturer's Field Reports: Specified herein.

  • F.

    Closeout Submittals: Submit the following:

    • 1.

      Operation and maintenance data: Operation and maintenance data

for installed products in accordance with Division 1 Closeout Submittals (Maintenance Data and Operation Data) section. Include methods for maintaining installed products and precautions against cleaning materials and methods detrimental to finishes and performance.

    • 2.

      Warranty: Warranty documents specified herein.

    • 1.05


      • A.

        Installer qualifications: Installer should be experienced in performing work

of this section and should have specialized in the installation of work similar to that required for this project.

    • 1.

      Certificate: When requested submit certificate indicating qualifications.

  • B.

    Regulatory requirements: Specify applicable requirements of regulatory agencies.

    • 1.

      Labeled Door and frame construction. Where noted or required provide Warnock Hersey labels with appropriate fire and or smoke resistance ratings for the opening as indicated.

    • 2.

      Provide door and frame assemblies with the construction and assembly configurations as required by the National Accreditation Management Institute pursuant to meeting code and or local requirements for structural and or impact performance.

  • C.

    IVlock-ups: Install at project site a job mock-up using acceptable products and manufacturer approved installation methods. Obtain owner's and Architect's acceptance of finish color, texture pattern, and workmanship standards. Comply with Division 1 Quality Control (Mock-ups requirements) Section.

  • 1.

    Mock-up size: Specify size of mock-up.

  • 2.

    Maintenance: maintain mock-up during construction for workmanship comparison; remove and legally dispose of mock-up if it is no longer required.

  • 3.

    Incorporation: Mock up shall be incorporated into final construction upon Owner or Architect's approval.

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