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    • 2.03


      • A.

        Steel materials:

    • 1.

      Cold rolled steel: comply with ASTM A366 cold rolled carbon sheet


    • 2.

      Galvanized steel: comply with ASTM A924 general requirements for steel metallic coated by hot dip process.

  • B.

    Primer materials: Comply with ANSI A2S0.10 test procedures and acceptance criteria for prime painted steel surfaces for steel doors and frames.

    • 2.04


      • A.

        Therma-Tru Light Commercial and Multi-Family Doors; Therma-Tru standard, ProEdge adjustable hinge and 12-24 TR Series steel doors

  • 1.

    Fire-Rating- All Doors available with up to 90 minute Positive Pressure Fire-Rating from Warnock Hersey.

  • 2.

    Doors shall have four inch high hinge preps machined, reinforced as follows:

    • a.

      Therma-Tru standard-18 gauge plates reinforcements to receive 12-24 screws for secure anchoring of hinges

    • b.

      ProEdge™ adjustable hinge-16 gage plates counter-sunk and extruded and tapped to 10 gauge equivalent to receive 12-24 screws for secure anchoring of hinges

    • c.

      12-24 TR Series-l0 gage plates tapped to receive 10-24 screws for secure anchoring of hinges

  • 3.

    Styles & Sizes- Door is available flush or embossed, in 6'8" & 7'0" heights. High definition styles available for Therma-Tru pre-hungs.

  • 4.

    Steel face sheets shall be 24 Therma-Tru galvanized tension leveled steel for superior flatness & enhanced corrosion resistance.

  • 5.

    Paint Finish- Doors shall receive a factory prime finish for added rust inhibition. Primed surface shall be suitable for maximum adhesion of finish top coat.

  • 6.

    Insulated- Doors shall be foamed in place, stiffened & structurally reinforced with environmentally friendly polyurethane and bonded to inside skins with minimal voids.

  • 7.

    Rugged Construction- The door edges shall be mechanically overlapped and reinforced the full height on both sides of door and adhered with foamed in place polyurethane. The door shall be stiffened with integrally formed top and bottom rails securely welded at top and bottom of door with two welds each.

  • 8.

    Advanced Lock Reinforcing -Latching and deadlocking hardware is supported with an advanced injection molded composite lock reinforcement with superior screw holding power. Advanced door avoids the problem of 'telegraphing' of the lock reinforcement typical with wood blocks. Design also allows for uniform foam flow for a flatter door face at lock area.

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