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    Lock Machining- Lock preparations include 2-1/8" face bores at both 2-3/4" & 2-3/8" backsets. Edge preps for cylindrical preps shall feature 2-1/4" x 1-1/8". Deadlock edge prep located at 5 1/2" centers to latching edge prep. Deadlock cross bore optional.

  • 10.

    Mortise lock preps available for card reader and other commercial applications.

  • 11.

    Surface Mounted Hardware- Exit hardware and closure reinforcements shall be fabricated from 16 gage steel x 5" x 20" securely attached to both skins of the door.

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    Screw applied bottom sweep for enhanced water and air infiltration resistance. Slide on double bulb sweep option for ProEdge doors with screwless application.

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        Therma-Tru-Tru Light Commercial and Multi-Family Steel Fames-Adjusta Fit. Our Adjusta -Fit® split-steel frame technology ensures optimum fit and performance. Ideal for interior as well as exterior applications, for suite entries from the outside or corridor.

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    Acceptable product: Therma-Tru Adjust-Fit Steel Frame.

  • 2.

    Construction: Two-piece frames constructed of galvanized steel conforming to ASTM A 653, commercial quality, with A 40 coating

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    Designed for use in remodellng and new construction applications.

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    90-minute positive pressure fire-rated with available 20-minute smoke rating from ITS/Warnock Hersey.

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    Base frame component: 16 gauge. The heaviest gauge available for split adjustable pre-hung steel frames.

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    Closure frame component: 22 gauge.

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    Profiles: Interlocking base and closure profiles for V2 inch throat dimension adjustment; manufacturer's standard throat dimensions to accommodate wall thicknesses 3-3/8 inches to 10 inches.

  • 8.

    Single rabbet; rabbet for 1-3/4 inch door thickness on stop side of frame, 5/8 inch high stop with kerf for weatherstrip, 1-13/16 inches wide trim face, no return legs.

  • 9.

    Corners: Butted at intersections of head and jambs.

  • 10.

    Hardware preparation: Frames prepared for hardware, reinforced as follows:

    • a.

      Hinges: Stamped integral pocket provided for full- 4 inches by 4-hinges. located in accordance with manufacturers specifications

    • b.

      Strike: Reinforcement integral with frame, commercial strike option of 4-7/8" 115.1 ANSI prep.

    • c.

      Strike adapter plate for 'T' strike or full lip strike, both with or without deadbolt

    • d.

      Surface-mounted hardware: Reinforcement of minimum 16 gauge provided for other door hardware.

  • 11.

    Weatherstrip: Manufacturer's standard foam filled compression weatherstrip, installed in kerf of frame.

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