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Section 08710

    • C.

      Fasteners: Manufacture hardware to conform to published templates generally prepared for machine screw installation. Do not provide hardware which has been prepared for self-tapping screws except as specifically indicated.

      • 1.

        Furnish screws for installation with each hardware item. Provide Phillips flat-head screws except as otherwise indicted. Finish exposed (exposed under any condition) screws to match the hardware finish or if exposed in surfaces of other work to match the finish of such other work as closely as possible including "prepared for paint" in surfaces to receive painted finish.

        • a.

          Hex Bolts: Install door close, door holders and exit devices on wood doors by means of thru bolts and hex nuts.

      • 2.

        Provide concealed fasteners for hardware units, which are exposed when the door is closed except to the extent no standard units ofthe type specified are available with concealed fasteners. Do not use thru bolts for installation where the bolt head or the nut on the opposite face is exposed in other work except where it is not feasible to inadequately reinforce the work.

      • 2.03


    • A.

      Templates: Provide only template-produced units.

    • B.

      Screws: Furnish Phillips flat-head all purpose or machine screws for installation of units except furnish Phillips flat-head all purpose wood screws for installation of units into wood. Finish screw heads to match surface of hinges or pivots.

    • C.

      Hinge Pins: Except as other wise indicated provide hinge pins as follows:

      • 1.

        Steel Hinges: Steel pins

      • 2.

        Non-ferrous Hinges: Stainless steel pins

      • 3.

        Exterior Doors: Non-removable pins (NRP)

      • 4.

        Interior Doors: Non-rising pins

      • 5.

        Tips: Flat button and matching plug finished to match leaves.

    • D.

      Number of hinges: Provide number of hinges indicated but not less than 3 hinges per door leaf for doors 90" or less in height and 1 additional hinge for each 30" of additional height

    • E.

      Size of hinge leaves: 3.5" high except 4" for metal doors.

    • F.

      Width of hinges" Shall be sufficient to clear trim projection when door swings 180 degrees.

    • G.

      Fire rated doors over 8'0" shall have heavy weight hinges.

    • H.

      All hinges shall be made of steel and have steel ball bearings where specified. All hinges shall comply with the cmTent issue of the American National Standard for Butts and Hinges ANSI 156.1.

      • 2.04


  • A.

    The hardware supplier shall make available to the Architect and/or Owner, a representative for the purpose of consulting and reviewing the projects keying requirements and make a written proposal ofthe complete key system.

  • B.

    Proposed key plans shall include expansion potential for the Owners future requirements.

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