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    • 3.

      Corner Reinforcement: (galvanized welded wire, minimum 18 gauge): Manufacturer's standard pre-formed corner reinforcement made from 1.7 Ibs. (0.059 kg/m2) per square yard of diamond mesh lath.

    • 4.

      Square Edge Corner Beads: expanded or flanged to suit application. (For square corners.)

    • 5.

      Round-Edged Corner Beads: expanded or flanged to suit application. (For rounded corners.)

    • 6.

      Control Joints: Single component control jOints with V4 inch slots and 3f4 inch grounds, or equal.

    • 7.

      Expansion Joints: two piece adjustable expansion jOints, free floating adjustments from V4 inch to 518 inch.

    • 8.

      Weep Screeds: foundation weep screed, with perforations and minimum 3V2 inch vertical attachment flange.

    • 9.

      Fasteners: steel nail or screw of furring type with 1 inch cap of sufficient length for minimum V2 inch penetration into brick, block, concrete, or stud system.

      • 10. 3.4

        lb. per square yard expanded metal strip-lath 4 inches wide to be used at around all windows, doorways, openings, and through wall penetrations.

      • 11. 3.4

        lb. density expanded metal lath for use on all soffits and overhangs as shown on drawings.

  • C.

    Fiber-reinforced Portland cement stucco basecoat: (The following stucco specification was written around EI Rey's proprietary and factory-blended Fiber-47@ scratch and brown basecoat assembly. Therefore, all substitution requests must be proven to be of equal quality no less than ten (10) days prior to project bid date.

    • 1.

      Fiber-4@ Concentrate: Manufacturer's standard factory formulated, concentrate scratch and brown stucco basecoats consisting of Portland cement, lime, fibers, and proprietary ingredients.

  • D.

    Water: Potable.

  • E.

    Sand: Comply with all requirements of ASTM C897.

  • F.

    Secondary Fiberglass Reinforcement:

    • 1.

      Krak-Master@ mesh: Manufacturer's standard woven fiberglass mesh, consisting of alkali resistive treated fiberglass.

  • G.

    Finish coat, Cement Stucco:

    • 1.

      Premium Colored Stucco@: Colored stucco finish coat, consisting of Portland cement, lime, properly graded aggregate, colorant, and proprietary ingredients.

    • 2.

      Fog-Kote@: Colored Fog-coat spray, (as needed for color uniformity) consisting of Portland cement, lime, colorant, and proprietary ingredients.

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