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        General: Apply stucco basecoat assembly in accordance with manufacturer's instructions and recommendations as written in EI Rey data sheets, and in compliance with requirements of applicable codes, regulations, and agencies having jurisdiction.

  • B.

    Interrupt stucco application only at junctions of stucco planes, at openings, at control jOints, or at expansion jOints.

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    • 1.

      Apply scratch coat to a thickness of 3/8 inch using sufficient trowel pressure to key stucco into lath or onto direct bond substrate.

    • 2.

      Scratch horizontally and in order to provide for a key with the brown coat.

    • 3.

      Apply Brown coat directly over scratch coat to a thickness of 3/8 inch

      • (9.

        Smm), using sufficient trowel pressure to key brown coat into scratch coat.

    • 4.

      Darby, then rod surface to true plane.

    • 5.

      While basecoat is still wet, embed secondary fiberglass reinforcement utilizing a wood float, and smooth to flush. Take care to completely embed mesh not more than 1/32 inch into surface of wet brown coat. Overlap all seams 2 inches and remove all wrinkles, rough edges, etc.

    • 6.

      Float or lightly broom surface to provide bond with cement stucco finish coat.

    • 7.

      Tool brown coat to provide a V-joint at intersection of stucco with frames or other items of metal, wood, or plastic which act as stucco grounds.

  • D.

    Finish Coat: Cement Stucco Finish

    • 1.

      Apply exterior wall finish coat to thickness recommended by manufacturer to achieve texture indicated, using sufficient trowel pressure to bond finish coat to basecoat.

    • 2.

      Apply exterior wall finish in number of coats and consistency required to achieve texture to match approved sample.

    • 3.

      Colored Fog-Coat: As needed, apply sufficient coats to ensure uniform color and consistency. Let dry, then mist with water 2 times a day for 2 days.

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        Moist cure cement base coats and cement stucco finishes with a fog spray of clear water with sufficiently frequent applications to maintain stucco uniformly moist for a minimum of 48 hours following applications.

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