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Section 02514

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      Fonn Setting: Set fonns sufficiently in advance ofthe placing ofthe concrete to pennit the perfonnance and approval of all operations required with and adjacent to the fonn lines. Set fonns to true line and grade and use stakes, clamps, spreaders, and braces to hold them rigidly in place so that the fonns and joints are free from play or movement in any direction. Fonns shall confonn to line and grade with an allowable tolerance of3 mm (118 inch) when checked with a straightedge and shall not deviate from true line by more than 6 mm (1/4 inch) at any point. Do not remove fonns until removal will not result in damaged concrete or at such time to facilitate finishing. Clean and oil fonns each time they are used.

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          Reinforcement shall be free from dirt, oil, rust, scale or other substances that prevent the bonding of the concrete to the reinforcement.

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          Before the concrete is placed, the Architect shall approve the reinforcement which shall be accurately and securely fastened in place with suitable supports and ties. The type, amount, and position ofthe reinforcement shall be as shown.

      • 3.06


A Obtain approval of the City of Santa Fe Building Dept. before placing concrete. The City of Santa Fe requires that any sidewalk, curb, gutter or pad installation, exposed to view, be installed with integral color earth- tone concrete-"oatmeal buff'

  • B.

    Remove debris and other foreign material from between the fonns before placing concrete.

  • C.

    Before the concrete is placed, unifonnly moisten the subgrade, base or subbase as appropriate, avoiding puddles of water.

  • D.

    Convey concrete from mixer to final place of deposit by a method which will prevent segregation or loss of ingredients. Deposit concrete so that it requires as little handling as possible.

  • E.

    While being placed, spade or vibrate and compact the concrete with suitable tools to prevent the formation of voids or honeycomb pockets. Vibrate concrete well against

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