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Villa Alegre - Tract A

August 17,2009


Backfilling. Because of the expansion and contraction of pipes, backfilling of all pipe shall be done in the cool part of the day. Pipe 2 inch diameter and larger shall be bedded and backfilled with fine grain sand or clean fill for the width of the trench from a minimum of 2 inches below the pipe to a minimum of 4 inches above the pipe to prevent damage to the pipe. The remainder of the trenches shall be carefully backfilled with approved backfill material. Backfill shall be placed in horizontal layers not to exceed 6 inches in depth and shall be thoroughly compacted.

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        General: Install all material and equipment in a neat and workmanlike manner in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturers of the materials and ASTM2774.

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      Metal to PVC Connections: Connections between plastic pipe and metal valves or steel pipe shall be made with screw fitting, using plastic male adapters with a non-hardening pipe dope applied to male threads. Screwed connections shall be made up with light wrench pressure. Steel pipe shall not be screwed into plastic fittings except for head risers.

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      Saddle Taps: No saddle taps will be pelmitted. Branches shall be made only with fittings and reducers. Use no bushings, street ells, or close nipples, except where noted on the Drawings.

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      The Contractor shall use only solvents supplied or recommended by the manufacturer to make solvent welded joints. The pipe and fittings shall be thoroughly cleaned of dirt, dust and moisture before applying solvent. Solvent welds will be made with non-synthetic bristled brush. Apply cleaner and solvent in accordance with ASTM 02855 using procedures recommended by the material manufacturer.

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      Pipe shall be snaked to allow for expansion and contraction.

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      Any section of pipe found to be defective before or after laying shall be replaced with new pipe by the Contractor.

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      Any pipe that has the grade or joint disturbed after laying shall be taken up and re-Iaid.

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      On the main line, fittings at bends and at ends of the line shall be firmly blocked to prevent the fittings from being blown off the lines when under pressure. Location and spacing of heads, valves and accessories shall be as indicated on the plans.

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      All pipes shall be assembled free from dilt and pipe scale, shall be reamed and burrs removed.

    • 9.

      The interior of all pipes shall be thoroughly cleaned of all foreign matter before being lowered into the trench and shall be kept clean during laying operations by means of plugs or other approved methods. When work is not in progress, open

Underground Irrigation System

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