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Villa Alegre - Tract A

August 17, 2009

ends of pipe and fittings shall be securely closed so that no trench water, earth or other substance will enter the pipes or fittings.

    • 10.

      Pipe bury depth shall be as noted on the Drawings. Bury depth is measured from the top of pipe to bottom of any paving or finish soil surface above pipe.

    • 11.

      Flushing. Main lines shall be thoroughly flushed out and tested for leaks before backfilling and before valves are in place. Lateral lines shall be flushed out after heads are attached.

    • 12.

      Sterilization of piping up to backflow preventer and on potable lines shall be as per local codes and ordinances.

  • C.

    Pop-Up Heads: Pop-up spray heads shall be installed to grade unless otherwise specified. Install heads with a minimum of 1 inch and a maximum of 2 inches clearance from curbs, walks, driveways, etc. and a minimum of 4" and a maximum of 6" from buildings and walls. Teflon tape or Teflon sealer shall be used on threaded connection at heads and joints that do not have 0 rings; a maximum of two winds around each connection. Heads on threaded connections shall be lightly hand tightened. Head shall be installed in the vertical position, hand backfilled and compacted to near original density. Adjust all irrigation heads to insure proper watering of plant material.

  • E.

    Emitters: Emitter shall be installed as generally indicated by the plans and details. Install related flush ends, transitions between ridge PVC piping, flexible drip PVC tubing and other accessories needed to create complete drip system., Review with Landscape Architect emitter spacing and lines layout prior to ordering emitter system components. Provide and install "U" shaped pins to hold lines in place where needed. Drip lines to be placed and pinned at finish soil level and covered with mulch as needed to hide from view.

  • F.

    Valves and Valve Boxes: Cover all automatic and manual control valves with valve boxes as specified. Set boxes to grade. Install all automatic valves in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer and as detailed. Valve boxes shall be coordinated with planting plan. Valve boxes shall be square with buildings or walks. Each valve shall be wired to a separate station on the controller.

  • G.

    Controller: Install controller as specified and as per manufacturer's recommendations and local codes. Where discrepancies occur, code requirements and manufacturer's instructions take precedent over Plans. Contractor to coordinate electrical supply needed to operate the controller. Wall mounted units to be mounted between 36 and 60 inches above adjacent grade.

  • H.

    Control Wiring: Install control wires in same trenches as sprinkler main lines and laterals whenever practical. The wires shall be snaked in the trench to allow for displacement ofthe wire during backfilling. All wires running in the same trench shall be securely taped together at 10-foot intervals. The bundle of wiring shall be placed only to one side of piping (east of north/south lines and north ofea<;t/west lines) and

Underground Irrigation System

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