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Villa Alegre - Tract B

August 17, 2009

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    As-Builts/Record Set/Controller Chart/O & M Manual/Extra Heads:

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      As-Builts. On a reproducible set of the irrigation system plan, clearly and professionally mark the exact arrangement of the system, including the arrangement of all valves, main lines, intermittent pressure lines, control wires, including lines under paved surfaces. The locations shall be shown by a system of measurements from easily identified, permanent features such as buildings, roads and walks. As-Built drawings shall be clear and easy to read. As-Built set shall be based on variations noted on record set maintained during the project construction.

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      Record Set: As work progresses, note on a blueprint record set in red pencil any variations in work. Not maintaining record drawings during construction may be cause for nonpayment of any work. Record drawings are to be on site during all times of work. No inspections will be conducted or approvals granted if record drawings are not on site or up to date. Record drawings shall be turned over to the Landscape Architect prior to final acceptance.

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      Controller Zone Chart. Prepare for each controller a revised waterproof, color coded diagram keying stations ofthe controller to valve zones. Diagram is to be mounted inside the door of the irrigation controller. Provide a copy of each diagram in the maintenance manual.

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      Extra Heads. Provide four extra heads and four extra nozzles of each type indicated on the Drawings and two sets of special wrenches if required for each type of head or nozzle. Wrenches shall be of the same manufacture as heads and nozzles, and shall be designed for installing, removing and adjusting operations. Provide two gate valve keys with extended handles.

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        Delivery: Coordinate and arrange delivery storage area with Owner's representative.

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        Storage: Do not store PVC pipes in direct sunlight for extended periods.

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        Product Handling: Follow correct procedures in loading, unloading, stacking,

transporting and handling all materials to be used. Avoid rough handling which could effect the useful life of equipment. Handle pipes in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations for loading, unloading and storage.

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        Existing Conditions:

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      Existing Irrigation System Demolition. See Site Demolition -Salvage, Section


02220. Water Connections. Verify and become familiar with the location and size of irrigation point of connection as indicated on the Civil Drawings. Proposed

Underground Irrigation System

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