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Villa Alegre - Tract B

August 17, 2009

system is to be connected to new backflow preventer. See Utilities Drawings Sheet U1.2.

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      Utilities. Prior to cutting into the soil, determine the locations of all utilities including cables, conduits, sewers, water lines, and other underground utilities and take proper precautions not to damage or disturb such improvements. If a conflict exists between the location of such obstacles and the proposed work, promptly notify the Landscape Architect in writing and arrange for adjustment. Proceed in the same manner if a rock layer or other condition encountered underground makes changes advisable. Any utility damaged shall be repaired by the Contractor to the satisfaction of the Landscape Architect at no cost to the Owner.

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      Existing Construction: Use extreme caution when working near existing construction or trees or plants to remain. Do not damage any existing features unless required by the Drawings. The Contractor shall repair any accidental damage to the satisfaction of the Landscape Architect at no cost to the Owner.

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    Sequencing/Scheduling: Coordinate irrigation system with related work. Install irrigation system prior to plant installation.

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        General: Should any operational, equipment or material difficulties in the underground irrigation system develop within the specified warranty period, due to inferior material and/or workmanship, the Contractor shall correct difficulties immediately as directed at no cost to the Owner, including any and all damage caused by such defects. The warranty period shall be for one year after final acceptance of the complete underground irrigation system.


Settlement: As a part of the work under this contract. If within the specified warranty period settlement occurs and adjustments to pipes, valves and sprinkler heads, planting or paving are required to meet the proper level of the permanent grade, the Contractor shall make all adjustments without additional cost to the Owner, including the complete restoration of all damaged planting, paving and other effected improvements of any kind.


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        The irrigation equipment was designed around equipment manufactured by specific companies as a standard. Approved equivalent equipment by other manufacturers may be used with the written approval of the Landscape Architect. All materials used in the system shall be new and without flaws or defects.

Underground Irrigation System

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