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Villa Alegre - Tract B

August 17, 2009




Because of the small scale of the Drawings, it is not possible to indicate all offsets, fittings and such that may be required. Carefully investigate the structural and finished conditions affecting the work, and plan work accordingly to furnish fittings and appurtenant items which may be required to meet field conditions. The Drawings are generally diagrammatic and indicative of the work to be installed. Install the work in the most direct and workman-like manner so that conflicts between sprinkler installation, existing utilities, planting and other existing features will be avoided. Examine related work and surfaces before installing the work. Report to the Landscape Architect those conditions which will prevent proper execution. Any substantial deviation from the plans must be approved by the Landscape Architect.




Adjustment for Plants: Adjust trenches and heads to avoid conflict with proposed plants.


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      Staking: Stake-out all proposed trench, sprinkler head and valve locations. The stake-out shall be approved by the Landscape Architect prior to trenching.

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        Trenches or excavations within 10 feet of existing trees to remain shall be dug by hand. Any roots encounters shall be cleanly cut with sharp clean blade or saw.

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        Trenches shall be sufficient depth and width to permit proper handling and installation of the pipe and fittings. Cut trenches for pipe to the required grade lines. Compact the trench bottom to provide an accurate grade and uniform bearing for the full length of line. Trenches shall be straight or smoothly curved. Depth: Trenches shall be of sufficient depth to provide bury depths indicated on the Drawings. Bury depths are to top of pipes exclusive of pavement or mulches.

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        Trim: Trenches shall be accurately trimmed to provide a uniform bed, free of rocks, clods or other sharp-edged objects.

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        Clustered Pipes: When two pipes are laid in the same trench, maintain a minimum four inches between the pipes horizontally and vertically.

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        Dewatering: Any water which is encountered or accumulates in the excavated trenches shall be pumped out or otherwise removed as necessary to keep the bottom ofthe trench or excavation free and clear of water during the progress of the work.

      • 7.

        Sleeved Crossings: All pipe and wiring under sidewalks, roadways, or parking lots or through any walls shall be sleeved. Irrigation wire is to be placed in its own sleeve. Sleeves shall be set to meet the bury depth required of the pipe being sleeved. When more than one pipe is using the same sleeve, the sleeved pipes should be either all laterals or all main/master lines.

Underground Irrigation System

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