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Villa Alegre - Tract B

August 17, 2009

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    Splices: Wire splices shall be kept to a minimum and if needed shall be made only in common splice boxes located in valve boxes. Provide a slack-wire loop at each valve with enough slack so that wire splices can be extended 24 inches above ground level to facilitate testing and trouble shooting. No wire size smaller than No. 14 AWG shall be permitted.

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      Codes: All 115 Volt A.C. wiring shall be installed in accordance with the requirements of the National Electrical Code. Service to controllers shall consist of one black and one white wire in rigid conduit. Electrical control lines from controller to automatic valves shall be a different color from the lIS-Volt service to the controllers. Each wire from valve to controller shall be a different color for each station on the controller. Note on record drawings what color wire serves which station/valve. The 24-volt common ground shall be of continuous color and a different color from the other 24-volt lines and the lIS-volt service. All electrically operated devices and all metal enclosures shall be connected to ground, as per manufacturer's recommendations.

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      Provide for inspection of the work by the Landscape Architect at any time. Maintain proper facilities and provide safe access for such inspection. Whatever testing or approval is required, provide notification 48 hours in advance where and when such work is in readiness for testing. Should any such work be covered without such test or approval, it shall be tIDcovered, tested, and surface restored at the Contractor's expense.

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      Rejection: Should any portion of the work done or any materials delivered fail to comply with requirements of the Specifications or Drawings, such work or materials shall be rejected and shall be immediately corrected satisfactorily, at no additional expense. Materials, which are rejected, shall immediately be removed from the premises.

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      Pressure Testing: Pressure test piping after solvent welded joints have cured for a minimum of24 hours. All tests shall be completed prior to backfilling; however, sufficient backfill materials may be placed in trenches between fittings to insure the stability of the line under pressure. In all cases, fittings and couplings must be open to visual inspection for the full period test. No testing shall be done until the last solvent welded joint has had sufficient time to set and cure as per the solvent weld manufacturer's recommendations. Each section of the piping system shall be tested at pressures noted below and proven tight. If leaks occur, the joint or joints shall be replaced and the test repeated. Contractor shall record in writing date, time and weather conditions for each section(s) of line tested

Hydrostatically test the continuously pressurized part of the irrigation system at 100 PSI as specified in the UnifOlm Plumbing Code for 4 hours continuously. Lines between the master valve and zone valves shall be tested in the same manner at 100 PSI for 4 hours continuously. Laterals shall be tested at existing

Underground Irrigation System

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