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Villa Alegre - Tract A

August 17, 2009

right angles to each other, thoroughly mixing the area. Drag to even grade, and compact to ninety (90) percent modified proctor.

    • 5.

      Rake and remove stones over linch in any dimension, sticks, roots, rubbish and other extraneous matter brought to surface by the soil amendment process.

    • 6.

      Water: Water area to be sodded thoroughly. Apply a minimum of two inches of water throughout area. Allow area to dry.

    • 7.

      Regrade after water application as necessary to insure drainage and to meet proposed grades. Correct any differential settlement.

  • C.

    Fertilizer: Apply fertilizer a maximum of two days prior to sodding. Delay application of fertilizer if sodding will not follow within two days. Apply specified fertilizer at specified rate.

  • D.

    Fine Grading:

    • 1.

      Fine grade area after fertilizing to smooth, even surface with loose, uniformly fine texture. Roll, rake and drag area, remove ridges, repair erosion, and fill depressions to meet finish grades. Limit fine grading to areas which can be sodded within 24 hours after grading. Remove stones over linch in any dimension, sticks, roots, rubbish and other extraneous matter brought to surface.

    • 2.

      Moisten prepared areas before sodding if soil is dry. Do not create muddy soil conditions.

  • E.

    Approval of Grades: Grades are to be approved by the Landscape Architect after fine grading and prior to sodding.

    • 3.03


  • A.

    Lay sod within 48 hours from time of stripping. Do not install sod if ground is frozen.

  • B.

    Lay sod to form solid mass with tightly fitted joints. Lay sod over moistened soil, lightly raking the area ahead of each sod strip. Butt ends and sides of sod strips; do not overlap. Stagger strips to offset joints in adjacent courses. Lay sod parallel to the contours. Avoid damage to subgrade or sod. Tamp firmly and evenly by hand to ensure contact with subgrade. Unless approved by Landscape Architect, do not place sod pieces into gaps between sod strips. Instead, relay sod to close gaps. With the approval of the Landscape Architect, sand can be sifted into minor gaps smaller than 112 inch. Remove excess soil to avoid smothering grass.

C. Water sod thoroughly with a fine spray immediately after laying, until subsoil is wet to a minimum of four inches.

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      • A.

        Begin maintenance immediately after planting.

Grass Sodding

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