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Villa Alegre - Tract A

August 17, 2009


    • 3.01


      • A.

        Preparation of Subgrade: Clear existing soil free of roots, plants, sod, stones, clay lumps and other extraneous materials harmful or toxic to plant growth.

  • B.

    Preparation for Seeding:

    • 1.

      The extent of seed bed preparation shall not exceed the area on which the entire seeding operation can be accomplished to such prepared seed bed within a 24 hour period, unless otherwise directed by the Landscape Architect.

    • 2.

      All areas to be seeded shall be brought to a even grade and shaped to drain. Areas to be seeded shall be graded to meet finished grades, and be unifonnly compacted to prevent uneven settlement after seed installation and watering.

    • 3.

      Spread compost and super absorber at the specified rates over the seeding area. Rototill to the following depths: Native Grass: 1 inch layer of compost into top four (4) inches Rototill area twice in cross directions. Rototilling shall not occur when the wind is over 10 mph and creates a dust problem to adjoining areas.

    • 4.

      Spread fertilizer at rate specified and rake into top two inches of soiL

    • 5.

      Fine rake and remove stones over Y2 inch in any dimension, sticks, roots, rubbish and any other extraneous matter brought to surface by the rototilling process. Drag to even grade, and compact to ninety (90) percent modified proctor.

    • 6.

      Water area to be seeded thoroughly. Apply a minimum of two inches of water throughout area. Allow area to dry.

    • 7.

      Regrade as necessary to insure drainage and to meet proposed grades. Correct any differential settlement.

  • C.

    Moisten prepared areas before seeding if soil is dry. Do not create muddy soil conditions.

    • D.

      Approval of Seed Bed Preparation: Seed bed preparation is to be approved by the Landscape Architect immediately prior to the seeding operations, and after all seed bed preparation is complete.

      • 3.02


  • A.


    • 1.

      Do not use wet seed or seed, which is moldy or otherwise damaged in transit or storage.

    • 2.

      Sow not less than the quantity of seed specified or scheduled.

Native Grass Seeding


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