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Villa Alegre - Tract A

August 17, 2009

  • B.

    Seeding Dates: Shall be accomplished between June 15th and September 1st lIDless specific permission in writing is issued by the Landscape Architect to allow seeding before or after these dates.

  • C.

    Seeding Rate and Mix: As per Paragraph 2.01.C.

    • D.

      Broadcast Seeding:

      • 1.

        Where indicated on the plans, the seed shall be mechanically broadcast by use of a rotary spreader or a seeder box with a gear feed mechanism. If seeding is done with a slurry blower, the highest pressure and smallest nozzle opening, which will accommodate the seed, shall be used.

      • 2.

        Immediately following the seeding operation, the seed bed shall be lightly raked or loosened with a chain harrow to provide approximately Yz inch cover or soil over most ofthe seed.

      • 3.

        Contractor's vehicles and other equipment are prohibited from traveling over the seeded areas.

      • 3.03


  • A.

    Immediately following the raking/chaining operation, seeded areas on slopes less than 2: 1 shall receive mulchltackifier at the even rate of Yz inch depth throughout the seeded area..

  • B.

    Spread compost at Yz" layer over seeded area to achieve even coverage.

  • C.

    All areas receiving insufficient coverage in the opinion of the Landscape Architect shall receive additional mulchltackifer.

    • 3.04


    • A.

      Void areas greater than one square foot, or repetitive voids smaller than one square foot which amount to more than 10% of any area that occur within 60 days after installation shall be re-seeded.

      • 3.05


  • A.

    Begin maintenance immediately after planting.

  • B.

    Maintain seeded grass for not less than the period stated below, and longer as required to establish an acceptable grass stand.

    • 1.

      Maintenance shall continue through the first mowing, or until the entire landscape project is accepted, and until the end of the maintenance period. Maintenance period shall be not less than sixty (60) days after substantial completion, unless otherwise approved by the Landscape Architect.

    • 2.

      Maintain seeded areas by watering, fertilizing, weeding, mowing, trimming and other operations such as rolling, regrading and replanting as required to

Native Grass Seeding


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