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player’s routes are “crisp”, start throwing balls to them. Have a contest to see which player runs the best routes and they will all compete and strive for perfection! The best receiver of alltime, Jerry Rice, was not the fastest, tallest, or the best jumper in the game. He did, however, run crisp discipline routes that set him apart from all the others.

Ball Carrying Drills Drill 1 This drill helps the ball carrier get better at cutting and juking.

Set up an obstacle course with cones. Tell your ball carrier to run and juke when they reach each cone. You can also use spins or back steps in place of jukes.

Drill 2 This drill helps the ball carrier beat defenders in open space.

Set up a 5 x 7 yard square with cones. Place a defender in the middle. Have your ball carrier go oneonone with a defender. See if the runner can make it to the other end without getting caught.

QB Mobility Drills Drill 1 This drill teaches QB mobility from an accelerated blitz.

Have the QB line up in shotgun behind the C. The C should snap the ball and run a 7 step hook. Have a defender blitz the QB, starting 3 yards closer than the usual blitz location. The QB should avoid the blitz as best as possible before hitting the C as the C turns and looks for the ball.

Drill 2 This drill shows the QB why vision is important.

Have the QB line up in shotgun behind the C. Have a defender blitz the QB from the usual DB position from different angles. The QB should “elude” the defenders for 5 seconds before they throw the ball.

Defensive Drills

Flag Pulling Drills Drill 1 This is a good flag pulling and vision drill.

Set up a 10 x10 yard square. Put all your players in the middle of the square. When you give the signal, each player must pull the other players flags while dodging others trying to pull their own flag. Last player standing wins. This is FUN!

Drill 2 This is a great drill for taking angles and pulling flags.

Set up a 15 x 15 yard triangle with cones. Have two sets of lines, one on each bottom corner. One side is the ball carrier, the other the flag puller. When you give the signal, the ball carrier should sprint towards the point of the triangle while the flag puller cuts the ball carrier off before they reach either top cone.

Interception Drills Drill 1 This drill helps the DB “make a play” off a tipped ball.

Have a defender line up 5 yards from the QB. Have another defender line up 3 yards behind the first defender. Have the QB throw a high ball to the first defender. The first defender should then "tip" the ball backwards. The second defender then makes an attempt to intercept the ball.


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