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Drill 2 This drill helps teach receivers how to "jump" routes and steal the ball.

Have a WR line up 10 yards away from the QB. The defender should line up two yards behind the WR and 1 yard offset left or right. On your signal, the QB should throw the ball and the defender should then "jump" the ball, cutting the receiver off and intercepting the ball in stride.

Coverage Drills Drill 1 This drill helps teach reaction and foot work.

A WR and a defender should face each other, standing 1 yard apart. The WR should then shuffle left, right, forwards, and backwards. The defender should stick with the WR, matching their every move. It is also important that the barrier of 1 yard stays the same throughout the whole drill.

Drill 2 This drill teaches how to make up speed and catch players from behind.

A WR faces down field. The defender lines up directly behind the WR so they are back to back. On your signal, the receiver will run straight forward. The defender then has to turn around and catch up to the WR before the ball is thrown by the QB.

Pursuit Drills Drill 1 This drill helps teach your team proper angles of pursuit.

Have your defense line up in their base defense. Your faster players should line up as close to the sideline as they can before going out of bounds. On your command, have a RB take a hand off and run across the LOS towards the end zone, giving him a slight head start. Once he has crossed 5 yards beyond the line of scrimmage, the defense can begin to chase him. Every defensive player needs to pursue the offense player aggressively. This teaches pursuit skill and team flag pulling concepts.

Drill 2 This drill helps teach defenders how to "sniff" out a play.

Line up a center, a QB in shotgun, and two RBs in wishbone. Line up one defender 7 yards back. Once the center snaps the ball, the two RBs should run towards their nearest side line. The QB should then purposely stare down the RB he wants to hit. The defender should be watching the QB and then shuffle parallel with the LOS towards the RB the QB is eyeing. The QB should then throw the pass and the defender should burst toward the RB as he is receiving the ball. The defender should then cut the RB off and pull the flag before the RB can gain positive yards. Repeat this over and over. Each time, the QB should make it less obvious which RB he is targeting.

Blitzing Drills (Blitzer = BZ) Drill 1 This drill helps reduce the time it takes to sack the QB.

Have the BZ attack the QB like they would in a regular game but add 3 more yards on to the designated blitzing location. Have the BZ blitz from this new spot on your command. Count to five and if the QB is not sacked, then the QB wins. But if the BZ gets the sack, then the BZ wins. With this added yardage and time pressure, your BZ should have more urgency and focus when blitzing.

Drill 2 This drill helps simulate WRs crossing through the BZ path to the QB.


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