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The BZ should line up in their normal location. Strategically place cones in the BZ path. On your whistle, have the BZ attack the QB without knocking over any cones. The BZ should dodge the cones and still be able to get to the QB in a 5 second window.

Offense Player Descriptions/Responsibilities

Center (C) The C lines up over the ball. The C’s main responsibility is to give clean snaps to the QB. Also, the C is basically a receiver and can catch balls. Most of the time, Cs are overlooked by the defense and can be used as a dangerous weapon. The C can be very successful in short yardage and red zone situations. The C should try to keep a low profile during games and then expose the defense when it matters the most. Note: An “eligible center” is the most dangerous receiver on the field.

Quarter back (QB) The QB lines up directly behind the center, facing the opposing team's end zone. The QB can line up in two different spots, either under center (directly behind the center) or in shotgun (35 yards behind the center). The QB is the offensive captain and the leader of the offense. There are three major things that your QB should be able to do:

  • 1.

    Protect the ball. Turnovers (interceptions) are detrimental to an offense.

  • 2.

    Throw accurately. Accuracy is more important than arm strength.

  • 3.

    Have mobility. QB should have the ability to scramble and elude the BZs.

It's fine if your QB doesn't have all three of these qualities, but two out of three would be helpful. You should warm up with the QB before they begin throwing in the game. Remind your QB that if the receivers aren't open, to throw the ball away. A wasted down is much better than a turn over.

Running Back (RB) The running back can line up in multiple locations but almost always lines up in the back field. Here are some formations your RB can set up in:

  • 1.

    The "I" formation1 yard behind the QB.

  • 2.

    Wishbone1 yard behind the QB but offset 2 yards from the ball

  • 3.

    Spreadlined up like a WR.

The RB's main responsibilities are: making positive yards when running the ball, helping set up the pass, and catching out of the back field. Your RB should never be afraid of defenders and should always run forward, never moving laterally or backwards. The RB needs to show quickness and vision. "Power” running is not really an option with the no blocking rules so your RB should behave like a jack rabbit, not a rhino. Also, the RB needs to be able to dodge defenders in open space with virtually no contact. Lowering the shoulder, stiff arming, and hurdling are not appropriate ways to "shed" defenders. Jukes, spin moves, and back steps are the best options.

Full Back (FB) The FB is basically the same as a RB except that the FB lines up between the QB and RB. The FB has no blocking duties and should be considered as another RB.


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