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    Foot work Receivers need clean foot work coming out of breaks.

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    Great vision The receiver should always look for a way to break free.

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    Deception The receiver should always be deceptive to their defender. This includes masking their true

speed, being able to trick a defender into jumping routes when the ball isn't there, and making their defender believe they're going one way then break the other way.

4. Discipline Receiver should run “crisp” routes exactly as they were drawn up. Cut hard at each turn and do not take short cuts. For example, on a 5nin, the runner should run up 5 yards and cut in 90 degrees. Precision route running will allow the WR to separate from the LB and allow the QB to make a safe pass.

Below, is a route tree that your entire team should memorize. It’s a great tool for running warm routes in practice, but it’s also nice for calling individual “hot routes” from the line scrimmage. Notice that odd numbers go towards the center of the field and even numbers go towards the sidelines. The same rules apply no matter what side of the field you are running from. For example: A “4” route run from the left side of the QB would be a “10 yard out” also, but to the left sideline not the right. A “3” route run from the right side of the quarterback would be a quick slant, running from the right to left, towards the center of the field.


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