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2. The defensive player must be relaxed and loose, never tense. Keep bent knees and be ready to lunge in any direction.

3. The flag puller must be the aggressor. He should never back down from the ball carrier and should wait for the runner to come to him.

4. The player should never plant one foot and reach for the flag. He should always keep a shuffle with his feet and be prepared to lunge if the runner quickly changes directions.

5. The flag puller should always use two hands when going after flags. This is the best technique and it doubles the chance of a successful flag pull.

6. The flag puller should never yank a flag off. Instead, the player should squeeze the flag and let the ball carrier run out of their own flags. This reduces the chance of missing flags.

Back Peddling Back peddling, a helpful defensive skill, is easy to teach and it will become natural to players once they learn the technique. Back peddling is running backwards so you can cover the receiver and watch the quarterback at the same time. There are a few simple steps to become a great back peddler:

1. The defensive player's body should always stay low to the ground in a squatting position with the defender's weight forward, standing on the balls of their feet. This not only helps keep balance but makes the defender a loaded spring, ready to pounce on any balls that come their way.

2. The defender's arms should be pumping. This helps with balance and also makes the whole motion smoother and less awkward. The motion of back peddling should look clean.

3. The defender should always keep their feet low to the ground, almost dragging them. This also helps the defender change directions and break quickly. When the back peddler raises their feet too high off the ground, it makes them less explosive and have slower reaction time.

4. When starting to back peddle, the defender should never make "false steps" or turn his hips the opposite way the receiver is going.

5. The defender should always keep their head up, never looking down at their feet or the receiver's feet. This makes the back peddler more aware of their surroundings and puts them in a better position to make a play.

Blitzing Blitzing is the most vital part of successful flag football defense. An effective blitzing plan will shut down any offense. The BZ is the anchor of the defense and his performance will often determine the outcome of each play, even the game! Sacking or hurrying the QB is the primary goal. A pressured QB will make mistakes. Mistakes lead to big plays for the defense. The BZ is also the main run stopper because the BZ will be in the back field before anyone else.

Here are a few simple steps for blitzing:

1. The BZ should always line up behind the designated blitzing spot (if there is one) and two yards to the left so that when he blitzes, it pushes the QB onto his back foot which will cause forced or inaccurate passes.


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