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    The defender should try to stay in the middle of their zone and try not to move too close to any edge.

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    The defender should always be prepared to cover multiple receivers at one time and stay in the middle of

the receivers if there is more than one in your zone.

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    The safety should always try to assist if a zone gets over loaded.

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    Once the ball has been passed to a receiver, the defenders are free to attack the ball but should always be

wary of cut backs.

Tips to run Successful Defense

There are several steps to running a successful defense. With a little practice, your team can master these steps:

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    Your team needs to have good communication and team work.

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    Your team should always be looking for an opportunity, from bad passes to tipped balls. Good defense

creates offense!

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    Your defense is only as good as your flag pulling. You should practice flag pulling regularly.

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    A good defense plays their toughest on 3rd and 4th downs, the last two minutes, and during final games.

Make sure your team is ready to stop the big plays.

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    Make sure you have a good rotation. A tired defender is a vulnerable defender.

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    Make sure your players attack the ball and “team tackle” (pull flags together). Never give up on a play.

Top 10 tips for a successful season

1. Flag football playbook an architect would never attempt to build a house without a blue print or "plans". Just the same, a team should never show up to a game without good plays or an organized game plan. Make sure you have reliable flag football plays and your teammates have access to it.

2. Wristbands having your flag football playbook "portable" is also important. Determine what your top plays are and transfer them to your wristband. Not only will this help to hurry up offense, but it also reduces time in the huddle.

3. Pressure the opposing QB Even the best QBs play poorly when they get too much pressure. Get in there and get in there fast! Most interceptions are created by excessive defensive pressure. Often times, the slower players are used to rush the QB. Instead, send your fastest and most athletic players after that QB! Speed and agility are needed to really shake things up. Keeping "fresh legs" for BZs is also important, so plan on rotating players every few plays.

4. Pitch the ball! In most flag football leagues, a fumble is a dead ball. Because of this, pitching the ball is a MUST. The riskreward continuum is outstanding in your favor and your team should take full advantage of this. Flipping the ball is a team concept and everyone should be thinking "flip". Just be sure that your players


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