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know that they can only flip it behind them. The chance of you turning a short yardage play into a touch down far outweighs the possibility of a turn over.

5. Learn the “Route Tree” – Make sure that every player on the team learns the route tree. It’s a great tool for running warm routes in practice, but it’s also nice for calling individual “hot routes” from the line scrimmage.

6. Play to your talents – All players have different skills and attributes. Some players have the ability to think through complex situations and react well on their feet. Other players have great hands, good speed, or an uncanny ability to pull flags. Put your players where they are likely to perform best.

7. Turnovers Avoiding turnovers is the most critical component of the game. When the game begins, you can assume that your team will get 6 drives (possessions) and your opponent will get 6 drives. If you throw 2 interceptions, they get 8 drives and you get 4. All things equal, this is a tremendous obstacle to over come. Since almost all turnovers are passes, train your QB to be wise. On those low percentages or dangerous throws, don't force it. Just throw it away!

8. Extra Points Spend a substantial part of your planning time working on the conversions. If both teams score the same amount of touchdowns, which happens quite often, the deciding factor will often be determined who makes the extra points.

9. Misdirection Misdirection is the single most effective way to beat a defense. Misdirection is the art of making a defense think a play is going one way when, in fact, it’s going the other. The key to successful misdirection is to freeze the defense for one or two seconds, then attack the opposite side they think you are attacking. Pull them one way and then go the other.

10. Pulling flags Every missed flag means 5 to7 more yards for the other team. Make sure you practice grabbing flags. This is often overlooked but very important in stopping your opponent's offense.

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