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5 Man Playbook

Strategies for a successful season

Players and Coaches: Welcome to the world’s largest flag football resource on Earth. Our playbooks and interactive coaching tools provide everything you need to improve your team’s performance on the football field. In addition to this full color playbook, we also offer:

Additional Tools

1. Wristband Interactive – Wristband Interactive is an online tool that allows you to mobilize your playbook. Streamline communication and add your playbook to every player’s wrist! Approximately 65% of a football game is spent in the huddle or in transition from play to play. Wristband Interactive will speed up your huddle and increases playing time substantially. This is a great communication tool and will dramatically improve your team’s performance.

Every player should have a wristband, not just the quarterback. With a wristband on every player, you simply call the play (1 thru 8) and everyone instantly knows their assignment. Imagine a playbook that every player has on their wrist at all times. This is the perfect tool, regardless of experience level or sophistication, to develop a simplistic and efficient game plan that everyone can easily understand.

Wristband Interactive ™

mobilize your playbook

Improve communication with teammates

Select from hundreds of plays

Reduce explanations in the huddle

Print for your entire team

Clearly illustrate each player’s assignment

Fits any size wristband

Audible from the line of scrimmage

Run the hurry up, no huddle offense

Increase actual playing time

Win the close games!

The concept of using wristbands became real to me when my team was down 280 at the half against the best team defense in the league. By avoiding huddles and calling plays from the line, we managed a major comeback and won 2928, in the playoffs. If you are behind, and can’t afford to huddle, you will love this tool.

Wristband Interactive is not only for a hurry up offense, however. It also helps you to stay organized, reduce chatter in the huddle, catch the opposing defense offguard and easily illustrate everyone’s exact assignment. Effective communication, in any team sport, is a critical component for success. Let us show you why Wristband Interactive wins games!

All of the features and benefits of Wristband Interactive are designed with one ultimate goal in mind simplify the game and make it easier to communicate!


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