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Flipbooks Flipbooks are 8.5 x 11, high resolution print outs designed to illustrate a play to a large group. These are great for huddles since the plays are large, colorcoded, and easy to read. While flipbooks are great for all ages, including adults, they are very effective for the younger kids that need a large, simplistic view of the play. The plays fit perfectly in a 3 ring binder. Flipbook upgrades are inexpensive and by logging into our site and clicking “upgrade to Flipbook.”

TIP: Create tabs or sections in your flipbook and organize a section for your run plays, pass plays, trick plays, and 2 point conversions. This will speed up your play calling and allow you to stay organized in the heat of the battle!

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This playbook has hundreds of colorcoded plays for both offense and defense. Note that the defensive plays are at the end of the playbook.

Understanding the Playbook

Offensive Tips

1. Each player is assigned a specific color. The avoid confusion, each players should remain the same color throughout the game (or for at least an entire drive)

2. A small notch at the end of a players route means block (if it’s allowed in your league).

  • 3.

    A small notch during a player’s route means block/delay, then run your route.

  • 4.

    A small football indicates who is carrying the ball. If the ball changes hands,

you may see more than one ball.

  • 5.

    Small notch from the QB’s line is a FAKE handoff.

  • 6.

    A black dotted line means a player is in motion or “jet motion”. Black dotted

lines are also used to indicate a primary receiver or pitch play.

7. A red dotted line means a pass behind the line of scrimmage or double pass.


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