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American nations have all made their own blending of European and indigenous values and institutions, but today it must be said that the governing classes find little that is foreign to them in European and North American cultural values.

For these reasons, the nations of the Atlantic Rim that are the most internationally engaged will continue to find interaction to be a far more seamless process than will be the case with the nations of Pacific Asia for the foreseeable future.  When this cultural conflict is added to the political and economic instability and unpredictability that must be anticipated for Pacific Asia for the coming decade or decades, the Atlantic Rim must be considered to be relative stable, open, and promising.   

7.Prospects for the Future.

When we look to the next decade for the Atlantic Rim Institute we anticipate two categories of initiatives.  The first is a set of specific activities that will be pursued, and the second entails the involvement of new actors – actors who have become more important and engaged during the period of rapid globalization of economic and political processes.  Naturally, we anticipate participation of individuals in governments at all levels and non-governmental organizations, scholars and teachers, and others who are interested in all four areas of the Atlantic Rim region.

Networking activities of the Atlantic Rim Institute - The objective of our networking activities will be that of making available to all individuals information, contacts with other individuals, and opportunities to come together for face-to-face functionally-based discussion of common problems, research, and plans for future activities.

Research and teaching activities - Teaching: Citizens throughout the Atlantic Rim must become better informed about the various vehicles of interaction throughout the region; one of the most effective ways to do this over the long term is through providing the appropriate content to courses taught at universities and even high schools.  Our academic members will develop course syllabi, modules for courses in a variety of disciplines, and will make themselves available for presentations in courses taught by others.  Our web-site will have a page that is dedicated to resources relevant to teaching about the Atlantic Rim.

Research: Our university- and research institute-based participants are actively engaged in conducting research projects on all aspects of Atlantic Rim interaction and the full spectrum of policy questions.  Our web page for research will provide them will a focal point for information about research conferences and publications relevant to their interests.  It will be a place for developing contacts and collaborative research projects, most importantly for individual scholars who in many instances function in varying degrees of isolation from colleagues in other countries with whom a productive and stimulating interaction should be a matter of course.  

Internet-based networking - Through this web-site we will provide information on a wide variety of subjects from trade and investment to defense and culture.  The Atlantic Rim Institute web-site will also be an access point to scores of other sites in all of the relevant countries, data sources, news and information sites, and institutional and non-governmental organization sites.  While the collection of sites will begin modestly we expect it to grow

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